Secrets to Hosting an Awesome Pool Party

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Pool parties are the ideal way to cool off within the scorching summer season. Pool parties also are an excellent way for children to celebrate a summer birthday or the end of the school year! Below are 7 things you should do before you plan a children’s pool party and some ideas to make the pool party fun for the children!

The Guest List

Get together with your youngster to construct a guest list for your party. Keep that number manageable, depending upon how many adult persons you’re prepared to have to supervise. In addition, be certain that all the kids know how to swim—kids who do not must remain inside the shallow part of the pool.


Besides collecting all of the supplies you will require for the party itself, do not forget to pack the ideal beach bag. It’s especially critical if you plan on hosting the party at a community pool rather than at home. Do not forget the following beach bag essentials: bottle of water, grown-up snacks, hat, chapstick, sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, towel, cover-up, and bathing suit.


As the logistics and guest list are done, send out festive party invitations a couple of weeks ahead of time to allow the children and their parents to know all of the details of the pool party. Punchbowl provides various party invitations which are perfect for the occasion.


Prepare some exciting games to keep the children engaged at the party. Since the children will already be wet, concentrate on water-based games which will keep them cool. Some fantastic games for children include watermelon seed spitting contests, diving to retrieve colored rings, and water balloon toss. It’s also possible to set up a slip and slide or allow the kids to run through a sprinkler.


Playing inside the pool and swimming certainly will leave the kiddies hungry for snacks! Prepare a menu that is full of suitable pool party foods such as lemonade, chips and guacamole, watermelon slices, and a variety of colorful popsicles. If you want to offer more than just snacks, get the grill going and cook up some hot dogs and hamburgers.


A pool party doesn’t necessarily require decorations, but if you want to provide your backyard an added special touch there are numerous decoration ideas which are simple to execute. Tiki torches all along the perimeter of your yard are a blast and keep bugs away. It’s also possible to toss a couple of light-up creatures inside the pool to add to the festivities.


One way to craft a festive and fun party is to add some music. Make a playlist which includes tunes by the Beach Boys and other pool party classic songs. Finally, be certain that you have an abundance of additional towels available in case children forget theirs or if theirs get too wet. There is always that one towel that winds up inside the pool!

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