Pool Safety Tips!

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Hanging out by the pool is a ton of fun, and having pals over to enjoy a swim and the sun can be a laugh! It’s always funny until someone gets hurt, though; safety is no laughing matter! We’re going to put the jokes mostly on hold, because we don’t want to kid about kids being unsafe, and go over a few pool safety tips. First, try not to hit any mean looking bikers with your pool cue; second, don’t play for money against a player who you just beat, they’re probably a shark, and we don’t want any sharks in our pool.

You definitely don’t want glass near your pool. You’re swimming, you’re definitely barefoot, and if it breaks and you step on it you’re in for a really bad party. Honestly, we know you’re probably going to drink by the pool, but if you can avoid it, you probably should. Beer isn’t known to improve people’s swimming abilities.

You definitely want a fence around your pool; this is so the neighbors can’t slip in unannounced and host a pool party in your yard at 3 AM. Kids might also be tempted to go into your pool with no fence around, and that’s a lot scarier than rowdy neighbors. A gate with a lock will do wonders for you here.

Pool toys are really fun, but they’re also toys. This means they’re not life jackets, or floatation devices, and shouldn’t be used as such. Toys are also really tempting; kids might be more inclined to play around your pool if you leave toys lying around. Put pool toys away when you’re done with them, and use a safety cover when you’re done swimming.

Make sure to have some safety items closeby! A cell phone, first aid kit and floatation device should all be close to the pool. As a pool owner, it’s also a good idea to learn CPR to make sure you can take care of your guests.

Never swim alone, don’t let your friends swim alone; basically, if there’s not two or more people there, don’t go for a swim. You have safety equipment nearby, a cell phone so you can call 911 if need be; all this preparation only matters if there’s someone there to help you.

This isn’t so much a pool tip, but on a sunny day, make sure to wear sunscreen to keep your skin safe from the rays. You should also stay hydrated while swimming, and if you start to feel faint, get out of the pool.

Pools are designed with your fun in mind, and a trip to the emergency room is not on most people’s list of fun things to do. Keep these safety tips in mind and you’ll have a way better time at your pool. One last safety tip before we go; you can get rubber paving installed by a professional team around your pool for a no-slip surface. That professional team? Your favorite pool nerds at UV Pool.