Is it Time to Renovate Your Pool?

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The pool in your backyard is meant to be a relaxing oasis where your family can have fun splashing around in the sun on lazy Saturday afternoons. You’ve always looked forward to spending time in the clear waters, enjoying the company of family and friends. However, you recently noticed that you’ve become a little unsatisfied with the way your pool looks and functions. Could it possibly be time to renovate your pool?

Knowing when the time for renovation has come can be a little bit challenging for homeowners who want to make a wise investment. Here are four major signs that point to the need for a pool renovation in the near future.

You’re unhappy with the way your pool looks

Maybe you purchased a home that had a pool already installed. Perhaps your pool was installed several years ago and you just don’t care for the style anymore. Renovating your pool gives you a new opportunity to create the backyard oasis that you have been dreaming of. Take advantage of this new opportunity to customize the area with a unique pool shape, a waterfall, or anything else that you feel your entertaining space is missing.

Your pool is in rough shape

Are you noticing a lot of cracks and peeling with your pool?  If this happens to your pool, you might want to consider a major renovation. While you don’t have to replace the pool entirely, you should consider retiling it or have an entirely new liner installed. This can help to correct the aesthetic issues as well as the safety issues. After all, a leaking pool can lead to walls that collapse, pools that wash out, and more.

You’re on a first-name basis with the repair person

When you can start calling your repair person by their first name, you know that you are seeing them far too often. When your pool starts requiring maintenance and repair work this frequently, it’s time to consider doing a major renovation. After all, you might save more by investing in equipment that will last for years to come instead of paying for many of these much smaller repairs. It’s a great time to make all of the changes you would like to make while you’re replacing the basic equipment that keeps things running.

You need more safety features

A lot of life changes can occur that would mean you need an upgrade in terms of your safety features. Maybe you’ve had children or grandchildren that could benefit from a safety fence, a shallow end in the pool, or some other type of major improvement. If you find yourself spending a lot of time worrying about your family’s safety, you probably need to make time for a major renovation.

It might be time for a pool renovation sooner than you think. If you spot any of these four warning signs in your backyard, then it might be time to start talking with your local pool company about what your next steps will be. UV Pools is the leading pools renovation company, ready to help you make your dreams into a reality!