I Decided to Have a Pool at Home. What Should I Know Before Contracting Pool Professionals?

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You have finally decided to invest in a swimming pool that is absolutely going to create lasting memories for your entire family. When your kids grow up, they can look back on long afternoons spent at the pool, basking in the warm sunshine. This is a major investment for your family, particularly when it comes to finances. You need to be certain that you are hiring the right pool professionals.

Hiring a pool professional is going to require a great deal of research if you want to make the right choice. It won’t be as simple as scanning the phone book or the internet for the first available phone number. However, you will want to take your time to hire the perfect crew of professionals. This can prevent significant long-term damage to your property and loss of your investment in the pool.

Here are a few things you need to look out for before you hire a pool company to install your new swimming pool.

Look for positive referrals

The best way to choose a company who is likely to do a great job is to look for positive referrals from friends and family members. If multiple people have used the same company and received excellent results, you can move forward with more confidence. This is an excellent way to put your own mind at ease about the company’s quality of work.

If you don’t have any friends or family members who can provide you with a referral, you might ask the company for a list. Many of them have homeowners who are willing to speak to new customers or send pictures of their own finished pools. Be careful looking at online reviews that might not always be accurate.

Ask about their license and insurance

You can’t just advertise yourself as a pool professional. Legitimate companies have a few pieces of paper behind their company to set them apart from the unknown independent contractors who are out to steal your money. Pool professionals should have a registered business license and a contractor’s license. These should be the minimum requirements you look for in a professional company.

Insurance is also going to be a huge deal for homeowners. A contractor who doesn’t have liability insurance could mess up your property without having to cover the cost of repair. It would fall under your homeowner’s insurance which could result in a higher monthly premium.

Find out about their employees

The pool company you hire should have its own employees that have been with them for a long time. Ensure that everyone has the same training and is experienced in pool installation. Stay away from companies that hire subcontractors to perform their work. The company will not be able to hold them accountable for shoddy workmanship performed on your home because that are not technically employees.

When you need help installing a pool or renovating your current one, you should look for the leading pools renovation company. UV Pools has the expertise and experience necessary to bring your new pool job to completion.