How to Throw a Fantastic Pool Party

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A pool party is the ideal method of cooling off in the hot summer season. With summer approaching, it is an excellent time to celebrate with family and friends by the swimming pool. Pool celebrations may be fun, yet somewhat overwhelming because there are so many details that are involved.  The swimming pool contractors of UV Pools lists five ways you may host a better swimming pool party, without any of the trouble.

Be Certain Your Swimming Pool is in Perfect Condition

A week or two before the party, test everything swimming pool associated, like jets, lights, and filter. Make sure the chlorine and pH levels are adjusted and remember that a chlorine residual of 3 is ideal. On the morning of your pool party, skim the swimming pool to eliminate excessive debris. In addition, take a peek around your pool for potential trip hazards such as excessive patio furniture, which ought to be moved from the deck to permit easy access to your pool.

Get Games Ready

Prepare for some great pool party games in order to keep children involved during the get-together. Since they’ll be jumping in and out of your pool, concentrate on water games which are enjoyable for all involved. Some great pool party games include volleyball, treasure hunt, dolphins and sharks, and Marco Polo.

Prepare Some Drinks and Food Which Will Wow Your Visitors

Playing and swimming in the pool definitely will leave the adults and kids hungry for snacks! Prepare a menu that’s full of staple party foods such as watermelon slices, popsicles, guacamole, pretzels, and chips. If you want to offer more than just snacks, spark up the BBQ and grill some hot dogs and hamburgers. Plus, if you really want to get creative, browse Pinterest for exceptional summer snack selections, or check out this fantastic list of Healthy Summer Snack Ideas. Creative snacks always are a hit with visitors! With the scorching summer sun, you also will have to offer delicious refreshments, such as this sparkling raspberry lemonade. If you want to serve alcohol at the party, attempt this tropical rum punch recipe for one other way to cool down.

Pump Up the Jam

One great way to create a festive and fun atmosphere at a pool bash is to add music. Make a beachy playlist which includes tunes by the Beach Boys and pool party classics such as Bobby Darin’s “Splish Splash”, and Grease’s “Summer Nights”. Background music will add to the party’s ambiance. You want all guests to have the ability to talk without yelling; therefore, be certain the music is not too loud. It’s possible to even utilize the Spotify app then create a radio with fantastic party music.

Get Prepared to Party!

The moment we have all been waiting for…pool party time! Once you ensure your pool is clean, the games are ready, snacks are on the table, drinks are prepared, and music is playing…it is time to party! Therefore, spark up the grill, ice down the tropical punch; and relax and enjoy!