How to Throw a Backyard Tiki Party

Dale KreviazukBlog

If you’re planning to host some epic parties this summer, you might want to embrace the Tiki theme as a way of getting everyone in the party spirit. A backyard Tiki party is fun, and very easy to organize. Here’s how to pull one off with panache:
Embrace Tiki decor by hitting the dollar store to pick up grass skirts, Tiki torches, funky drink containers, bamboo beach mats to wrap around tables and all manner of other fun stuff. If the dollar store doesn’t have anything, then your local party store is sure to, or you can go online and order a bunch of cool stuff from Party City. Having your guests walk into your backyard and see it all decked out like a classic Tiki lounge is guaranteed to get them in the mood before they’ve even had a sip of one of your fabulously appropriate cocktails.

Mixup some Mai Tais, Zombies, or Pina Coladas. Tiki bar cocktails are fun, bright, fruity and often deceptively strong (hic!) and lend themselves perfectly to umbrellas and other fun adornments. Check out these recipes at for inspiration.

Encourage everyone to dress the part by offering a prize for the loudest Hawaiian shirt, or by handing out grass-skirts and leis as people arrive.

Serve up a Tiki inspired menu. Whether you go with kitsch classics like pigs in a blanket or cheese and pineapple on sticks, or embrace a more sophisticated menu (like this one from Food & Wine magazine) be sure to have fun with it and serve up food that reflects the fun vibe you’re trying to create.

Have the right playlist running. The beautiful thing about online music services like Spotify is that they have ready curated playlists so that it now takes zero effort to get the right music for your party. However, if you’d prefer to go old-school and just play a CD, you’ll find tons of choice online and often in the bargain section of your local music store.

Set up a few games such as a limbo contest or hula-hooping contest, and give out fun prizes. There are also some fun ideas for more tiki themed games here.



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