How Do I Know if My Pool is Leaking?

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Determining whether your pool has a leak or is simply losing water due to evaporation can be difficult. A leak should be taken seriously because it can lead to long-term damage to your pool structure. On the other hand, evaporation is completely normal and an expected process for every pool. Most pools lose an average of a ¼-inch every day. How can you tell the difference and identify if your pool is actually leaking?

There are several tests you can do to help identify whether your pool has a leak. Finding and fixing that leak may be best left to the professionals though. However, this should give you a good idea of who to call based on the results of your test. Take a look at some of these simple things you can do on your own at home.

The Bucket Test

This is the easiest way to tell the difference between a pool leak and evaporation. All you need is a marker and a five-gallon bucket. Fill the bucket up with pool water by setting it on the second or third step of your pool. Remove the bucket once full and mark the water level on the inside of the bucket using your marker. Find a way to mark the current water level of the pool as well. Before you head back inside, turn the pump to your pool off as well as any refill devices you have.

In 24 hours, you can come back outside to check the water levels in both the pool and the bucket. They have likely both gone down some since you filled them up the day before. If the water loss is equal, then your pool is just experiencing normal evaporation. If the pool level has gone down lower than your bucket, then you could be experiencing a leak.

You should repeat the same test the following day with the pump turned on. This may yield different results and demonstrate where your issue lies.

Survey the Landscape

Take a short stroll around your pool. Are there any extremely wet areas or eroded areas near the edges of your pool? This could be a sign that your pool is leaking a great deal of water through the wall and into the surrounding area. Be sure to check at the bottom of any hills that surround your pool as well.

Inspect the Liner

You can do a visual inspection of the vinyl liner in your pool to determine if you have a major leak. Look for small tears, holes, and areas where the liner has pulled away from the pool wall. While you won’t always be able to visually identify a tear or a leak, you may be able to if it is significant enough.

Sometimes, you will have to leave identifying pool leaks to the professionals. These tests can get you started on the path to identifying whether you are experiencing a leak or a normal complication. If you are facing a problem with indoor pool leaks in Winnipeg, be sure to give UV Pools a call!