Should You Fill In or Renovate Your Pool?

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The big question for a pool owner with a worn down pool is whether to renovate or fill it in. The answer really depends on the overall shape of the pool and what you are looking to get out of it. Investing in your pool can pay large dividends when it comes to selling your home. Currently swimming pools in Winnipeg are a hot item and a great selling feature. With current gas prices and the cost of cottage ownership/maintenance, having their own backyard oasis is the better option for a lot of folks.

Reasons to Fill in My Pool

Filling in your pool can be the best decision you can make if your pool is in really rough shape. Some old pools were made out of plywood which over time will become rotten. This is a prime example of when you should choose to fill in your pool.

There are also some aluminum pools that were installed in Winnipeg in the past where the aluminum has greatly disintegrated or rotted to a degree that the only alternative is to fill it in.

Why Choose a Pool Renovation?

Steel pool walls are the longest lasting walls. Steel pool walls that are caving in and a concrete pool deck that is cracked up, means that a full pool renovation will be required.

Pools that were built 30 years ago will need a face lift. If you choose to renovate your pool, replacing your pool liner costs only a fraction of what it would cost to install a new pool. Depending on your budget, pool renovations can cost anywhere from a third to two thirds the cost of a new pool.

If you are looking for new landscaping, pool equipment, or if you are looking to add new features such as lights and walk in stairs, then budget for more. Most of the time we can make your pool look new again and replace all questionable components for half the cost of a new pool.

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