Five Questions to Ask Before a Pool Renovation

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When you’re thinking about updating your pool or doing a pool renovation, here are some questions you should ask yourself before getting started with the project. These will help you determine what you really want to get out of the renovation, and encourage you to think about the pool you really want and will get the most enjoyment out of, instead of just fixing issues and coming out with a very similar looking pool.

1)   How do you use your pool? Some people don’t really swim in their pool very much, others use it mostly for their grandchildren, or maybe for exercise. What do you do most in your pool? That’s important to know because we can make the pool deeper or shallower depending on what you use it for, and look at how structural elements such as the steps leading into the pool could be updated to be more functional for you.

2)   What’s the overall look that you’re going for? Do you like the layout of everything? Do you want to add water features? Older pools often just have a narrow band of concrete around them, and we’ll expand that to give a larger patio area, which is especially great if you throw parties, tend to have a lot of people over, or just want space for your lawn furniture.

3)   How much do you want to spend? Having a figure in mind from the outset can help determine what kind of updates will work best with your budget.

4)   What features should I add? Would some snazzy pool lighting really elevate your pool, or how about water features? There are lots of neat ways we can make pools more exciting, it just depends on the style of pool that you’re going for, and how much you want to spend.

5)   What do you want out of this renovation? Are you looking for a more energy efficient pool? To lower the amount of time you spend maintaining the pool? Do you want to make the pool safe for your kids and animals to be around? Whatever you’re looking to get out of this project, we can offer a wide range of solutions to help you meet those goals.

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