Cool Pool Toys

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It’s summertime, which means it’s time to keep cool, but we know you don’t just want to keep cool, you want to be cool. We’ve got good news; you’re already pretty cool, with that pool in your backyard; we bet all the neighborhood kids wish their parents were cool like the people with the pool. You know what else is cool? Toys. Yeah, they’re cool for both kids and adults; everyone loves pool toys. They’re pretty much the only safe way to swim with a shark in your backyard.

The Intex Inflat-A-Bull

Ah, who could forget the days of our youth; getting into trouble, spending time in country bars trying to ride the bull while singing off-key karaoke of your favorite Dixie Chicks song. There’s certainly no reason you wouldn’t want to relive those memories with your grandma and Uncle Nestor by the pool, so get the Inflat-A-Bull and get ready to hold on for dear life. This one, unlike the country bar, is fun for the whole family, so enjoy!

The Watermelon Ball

Legend has it this toy was designed after several unsuccessful attempts to genetically modify the rind of a watermelon so it would stand up to being kicked around in the water. These attempts failed, so this toy was developed to save everyone from being sprayed with a fine pink mist. This ball is amazing; you can kick it, dribble it and pass it ; in the water! Just don’t try to eat it.

GoPong Pool Pong

This is a great one for kids and adults alike; just serve the kids root beer instead of real beer and you’re good to go. Throw balls into cups! Drink! This is a classic game; it also doubles as a drink holder when you don’t feel like beer ponging. Combine this with the Inflat-A-Bull and you’ll really relive your blunder years!

Pool Noodles

We know what you’re thinking: “Spaghetti in the pool? Don’t be crazy!”. Okay, we know that’s not actually what you were thinking, but seriously, pool noodles are a classic for a reason. You can float with them, you can launch them at each other; you could even get two Inflat-A-Bulls and have a jousting competition! Oldie but a goodie.

Pool Floats

Honestly, most pools actually sink; if your pool floats, that’s pretty strange! Seriously though, pool floats have only gotten cooler; there’s animal shaped floats, food shaped floats, dragon shaped floats; if you have a favorite thing, there’s almost definitely a pool float that looks like it.

There’s a ton of other fun toys you can get for your pool too! Pool sports sets to play basketball or volleyball exist; you might even try basketball with your watermelon ball! You can get diving boards and the like installed too; if you want to consult on getting some more permanent toys installed, you can trust your leading pools renovation company (that’s us!) to guide you during the decision making process. Now go out there and have some fun, cool pool owner!