5 Tips to Have a Successful Pool Party

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Summer is on its way which means it’s almost time to start taking a splash in the clear blue waters of your backyard pool. You want the first pool party of the year to be a roaring success, so you need to start planning right away. When people leave your party, they should be looking forwarding to coming back for more parties throughout the season. This should be an event that makes its way all over social media.

What can you do to ensure that your guests have a great time at the first summer soiree? Here are five expert tips for having a successful pool party.

Provide the basic necessities

It might be common sense, but you need to anticipate some of the more basic needs your guests might have. Perhaps your best friend’s child slipped and fell around the outside of the pool. Someone else might have left their sunscreen at home. When you think through all of the common needs that might arise at your pool party, you start to prepare for what your friends and family might need, including:

  • Multiple types of sunscreen
  • First aid kit specifically suited for the pool (follow this guide here to make your own)
  • Water bottles
  • Water wings or tubes for little ones

Offer activities outside of the pool

Nobody can spend hours in the pool without taking some time to dry off and do something different. Provide extra activities outside of the pool for your guests to partake in, whether it’s a rousing game of horseshoes or a competitive game of limbo. Try to choose activities that will appeal to both adults and children so everyone can spend time together.

Get creative with your menu

At some point, your guests are going to experience the first signs of a rumbling stomach. When they head to a party, most people anticipate that there will be food served later in the evening. Consider rolling out the grill and allowing guests to build their own kabobs. You might provide a party staple like hamburgers or hot dogs. Try to find ways to work in some seasonal fruits and vegetables to your pool party.

Add some decorations

Nothing says a party quite like extra decorations around the pool area. This doesn’t have to be difficult and time-consuming. Purchase some fun tablecloths or torches that line the area. Invest in some giant inflatables that can float in the pool or around the perimeter. Look for decorations that can make your party planning both practical and entertaining.

Put together the perfect playlist

Nothing gives your pool party better ambiance than some loud music pumping through the speakers. Assemble the perfect playlist of family-friendly tunes that demonstrate the spirit of summer. Think of the Beach Boys or Jimmy Buffett for a little inspiration on getting your playlist started.

UV Pools has a background of over 45 years building and repairing swimming pools, and we can help you to throw the perfect pool party. We are available to help restore your pool to its former beauty so you can be ready for parties all season long.