3 Backyard Pool Games to Play with your Kids.

Dale KreviazukBlog

Spending time with the family in your pool is a great source of quality time and can help build stronger relationships. Lounging around the pool is always nice, but introducing your kids to some fabulous pool games can really add some fun! Here are a couple water games that kids and parents will love to play.
Game #1: Underwater scavenger hunt

Instructions: To start, grab a handful of marbles and count how many you have. Sprinkle them across the bottom of your pool. The goal is to grab more marbles then the other player. When this becomes too easy for your kids, challenge them to grab as many marbles as they can without coming up for air.

Skill development: This game will help advance the child’s ability to hold their breath underwater and swim to the bottom of the pool.

Game #2: Colours

Instructions: To play this game you will need at least 3 players. One player will be the caller, they will stand with their back facing the other players. The other two players will pick a colour in their head, and stand a foot behind the caller. The caller will start naming off colours, when a player hears their colour called they have to quietly swim to the other side of the pool without being caught by the caller. If the caller hears someone swimming, they can turn around and catch them. If you get caught swimming, it’s your turn to become the caller.

Skill development: This game will help develop freestyle sprinting when you are the caller trying to catch the other players swimming across the pool.

Game #3: Marco Polo

Instructions: Pick one player to be the caller. The caller will close their eyes and use their sense of to tag other players. The caller can call out “Marco” and all other players must answers them with “Polo.” The caller will follow the voices in hopes to catch someone. When the caller catches someone, that player then becomes the caller.

Skill development: Swimming endurance level builds up when they are being chased for a long period time around the pool.

UV Pools hopes you enjoy our entertaining pool games. They are not only fun but will help develop your child’s swimming skills.