Pool Ground Water Control

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Ground water control is a major concern for many pool owners. The best way to control the ground water around your Winnipeg pool is with a sump pit installed by UV Pools.

Why Do I Need a Sump Pit in Winnipeg?

Rain, runoff water, and pool leaks can all contribute to water becoming trapped around your pool. If this happens, you risk a floating pool liner, which can lead to damage to your pool floor and walls, or frost damage during the winter when the trapped water freezes and expands.

Pool owners sometimes rely on the sand behind the vertical steel pool wall as their drainage system. While the water transfers quickly and freely through the sand, the problem is that, in Winnipeg, there’s often nowhere for the water to go after it completes its journey through the sand!

A sump pit system drains the trapped water around your pool and prevents damage, helping you avoid repair costs.

Sump Pits Installed by UV Pools In Winnipeg

When properly installed, a sump pit evacuates the water from around your pool. At UV Pools, we have extensive experience installing sump pits, so you’ll know that the work was done expertly and correctly.

We can even install a sump pump with an automatic float so that the pump will turn on automatically when water is present, saving you the hassle of watching the pump and protecting the investment you’ve made in your pool.

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