Eco-Friendly Rubber Pavers

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You probably plan to spend a lot of time around your pool during this spring and summer season. Unfortunately, the concrete that’s currently there is scorching hot on the soles of your feet. Children tend to fall and injure themselves on the hard surface, and the extreme temperatures only make it worse. In fact, the patio area that surrounds your pool makes it difficult for you to enjoy the clear waters you love so much. What if you could improve things with eco-friendly rubber pavers instead?

Consider making an upgrade to your pool patio area this season. Your family will definitely appreciate the switch from concrete or brick to the eco-friendlier rubber pavers. Here are just a few of the reasons why so many homeowners are deciding to make the change.  


Rubber pavers are a great choice for families who are concerned with the environment. These pavers are often crafted out of recycled rubber, including old tires that are no longer fit for the road. Instead of using brand-new materials, you can creatively repurpose old ones into a new form that benefits your entire family. Of course, this is definitely a real benefit to the pavers but there is far more to offer.


Because the rubber pavers are frequently made from recycled tires, it makes sense that they would be incredibly durable. There are plenty of tires available in Canada, given that we use and discard more than 28 million each year. Tires are made to withstand high amounts of friction, high heats, and all types of weather. They don’t usually chip, crack, or tear with extended exposure to the elements and extreme fluctuations of the seasons. This means that they can easily hold up with the normal foot traffic and splashing that is seen around a residential pool. Children won’t be able to easily damage your rubber pavers without a great deal of effort.


Concrete and brick often need a lot of maintenance to stay pristine and safe over the years. They might crack as things shift and settle beneath the surface. All of this can lead to some expensive repairs in the very near future. You could avoid all of that with eco-friendly rubber pavers. They can adjust to slight shifts beneath the surface, and they aren’t prone to cracking or splitting.


Safety should be your top concern around the pool area, particularly if you have children around the water. Rubber pavers are going to be the safest choice because of their slip-resistant surface that isn’t affected by moisture. They can also prevent your children from burning the bottoms of their feet on sun-soaked concrete.

Are you convinced that eco-friendly rubber pavers are the way to go for your pool area? It might be time for you to call UV Pools, the top specialized rubber paving company in Winnipeg. Contact us today to set up a time for your estimate and to hear more about how beneficial rubber paving can be around your pool.