Upgrade Your Pool Deck To Awesome With Rubber Safety Surfacing

Is your pool deck slippery and hot under the summer sun? Make it safer and cooler with Rubaroc. Rubaroc is a granular rubber surfacing which is manufactured with high-tech polymer resins that make it virtually indestructible.

Keeps Your Feet Cooler Than Pirates And Ninjas

You may have experienced it at a splash pad or water park, where it is commonly used to keep kids safe from slips and falls, even when surfaces are wet. Rubaroc keeps your deck cool to the touch on your bare feet while being comfortable to walk on. And it looks good while doing its job - UV Pools can mix almost any colour combination to suit your backyard decor.

Can Cover Many Materials And Angular Surfaces

Rubaroc is troweled on by our professional team and can be placed anywhere with an angular surface, including stairs and pool coping. It will adhere safely to most materials and substrates, including concrete, wood, asphalt, or anything else that may be in your backyard. This ability to adhere to anything makes installation fast and more affordable than comparable solutions.

Cracks In Your Deck Are Now A Thing Of The Past

Existing cracks in your current deck can be filled with Rubaroc, and if you install it, you won’t ever notice any cracks again since it stretches and moves without separating. Winter and summer temperature extremes are never a problem, since it expands and contracts without cracking or losing any cohesion. No resealing or reapplication is ever needed. Once it’s on, it’s on. And cleaning is a breeze - Rubaroc can even be pressure washed.

Why UV Pools Only Uses Rubaroc For Your Deck

We live in Winnipeg, where temperature extremes can and do crack concrete. Rubaroc is just as attractive and more durable than concrete because it doesn’t crack. Plus, it is less expensive for you, the homeowner, than a brand new concrete deck. Rubaroc can cover problem areas such as cracks and warps on an old deck, which means we can use whatever is around your pool right now as a base.

Rubaroc is not a new, untested material. It has been in-market for over 25 years, and can only be installed by professionals trained in its installation such as the team at UV Pools.

Thanks, Now My Husband Has To Have It. How Much Is This Stuff Going To Cost Us?

Rubaroc surfacing for a standard-sized swimming pool in Winnipeg is around $4,500 and that includes installation.

Have UV Pools out today for an estimate on what it would cost to make your pool deck safer, cooler, and easier to maintain with Rubaroc.

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How is Rubaroc Installed?

Rubaroc installation is a fairly simple process. Watch the follow video for more details.

How Hot does Rubaroc get?

Rubaroc stays cool to the touch and easy to walk on even in extreme summer heat. That means no more burning your feet on hot concrete!

Rubaroc Performance in Winter

Shows you how flexible Rubaroc coating is even in extreme cold!