What is Rubaroc?

Rubaroc is a durable safety surface made from granulated rubber (EPDM) that gets troweled into place. It is flexible and can stretch and move with cracked concrete without separating. Cracks can be covered up to never re-appear.

Do You Have Different Colours?

We can mix almost any colour combination to suit any decor’s. We have all of the primary colours and ratio them to create different colours.

What Makes Rubaroc A Safety Surface?

Rubaroc is soft to walk on and is grippy, even when wet. Your pool surround should be safe and slip resistant which Rubaroc provides.

What Does Rubaroc Cost?

Coating a standard size pool and deck in Winnipeg costs about $4000. Many variables effect the overall cost however in a standard install over top of concrete this is a pretty close range.

Is Rubaroc Hot To Walk On?

Dues to the porous surface, Rubaroc stays as cool or cooler than concrete in the summer heat.

Will Rubaroc Crack Or Peel Off After A Few Years?

Rubaroc will not crack or delaminate with time. We permanently bond Rubaroc to concrete with a special resin primer that bonds to concrete.

Is Rubaroc Maintenance Free?

Yes. The is no re-sealing or re-applying needed.

How Do I Clean Rubaroc?

Rubaroc can be cleaned by sweeping, washing down, or pressure washer.

The 3 Main Types Of Rubber

Rubaroc virgin EPDM material and resins are all made in Europe to strict specifications. The EPDM is produced and coloured right through for this purpose. This is of the highest quality and longest lasting.

Second best would be recycled EPDM that is not made from virgin material and can include impurities. It can show fade faster over time and the colours are limited.

SBR – recycled car tires. This material is good only as a base material but not as a final top coat. There are rubber paving companies in Winnipeg that use this rubber and dye it to give it colour. It is not a long lasting solution and smells like car tires in the summer heat when used as a finish coat.

Why We Use Rubaroc Exclusively

Part of transforming your yard from functional to oasis is considering what goes around your pool area. Concrete is a functional material, but it gets hot in the summer, requiring you to wear sandals to prevent burned feet, and it’s prone to cracking – especially in our harsh Winnipeg winters!

Imagine instead the option of a soft, cool surface that’s comfortable to walk around on in bare feet and flexible enough to withstand any cracking. You can open your eyes and stop imagining because a surface like this exists!

UV Pools is proud to offer Rubaroc, made from a special rubber known as premium grade granulated EPDM mixed with flexible urethane, which is applied to the existing concrete.

Why Rubaroc?

Do you already have problems with cracks in your concrete? Don’t worry – we can cover them with Rubaroc.

Are you looking for a surface that requires little to no maintenance? With Rubaroc, you won’t have to go through the hassle of resealing every year like you would with sierra stone or decorative concrete.

Are you concerned about protecting your family and your guests from slips and falls? Rubaroc has a safe and soft “grippy” surface that is non-skid, resilient, and highly durable.

Where Can Rubaroc Be Installed?

We can install Rubaroc over just about any type of surface:

  • Concrete
  • Gravel
  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brick
  • Asphalt
  • Chip Board

A Proven Product

Rubaroc has been used in Canada for more than 25 years and has truly stood the test of time, becoming more successful than ever in the last few years. Rubaroc only allows its products to be installed by dealers (like UV Pools) who are trained in all installation and application techniques.

To get a better idea of how Rubaroc can transform your pool area, take a look at the pictures below. Are you ready to learn more about Rubaroc? Call today for your free quote!

Click here to visit the Rubaroc website.

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Rubaroc is a durable safety surface made from granulated rubber (EPDM) that gets troweled into place. It is flexible and can stretch and move with cracked concrete without separating.

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How Is Rubaroc Installed?

Rubaroc installation is a fairly simple process. Watch the follow video for more details.

Rubaroc Colour Options

Rubaroc is available in plenty of colours to complement your landscaping and design, including black, brown, grey, red, blue and many custom colour variations.

Rubaroc Performance in Winter

Shows you how flexible Rubaroc coating is even in extreme cold!

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