Dundalk LeisureCraft: Cedar Saunas from a Proudly Canadian Company

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Cedar Sauna

When it comes to cedar barrel saunas, you deserve the best. A sauna isn’t something you want to take a risk on – making a hasty choice without doing research can lead to problems down the road. Don’t settle for an inferior cedar sauna kit just because it’s the “easy” option, as their flaws will become apparent very early and you’ll have a very difficult time finding parts when you need them. When we started looking for a line of saunas to carry, we only wanted to sell the best to our clients, and we continually heard one name when looking for recommendations: Dundalk LeisureCraft. 

There’s a reason why the top choice for high quality Canadian cedar barrel saunas is Dundalk LeisureCraft. Dundalk offers the very best home and garden products manufactured from quality Canadian materials. With a wide assortment of outdoor saunas including panoramic view saunas, knotty cedar barrel saunas, outdoor luna saunas and more, Dundalk has something for everyone looking for a great way to relax in style year-round. 

Dundalk LeisureCraft: Canadian made cedar barrel saunas built to last

Since 2004, Dundalk LeisureCraft has manufactured high quality rustic wood products, including outdoor log furniture, indoor furniture, gazebos, tiki bars, and of course, cedar barrel saunas. The family-owned company is operated out of Melancthon, Ontario, growing from a single small building run by two employees to three buildings containing 15 dedicated employees. 

While the company began with cedar furniture, starting in 2007, they started building a reputation as a leading manufacturer of barrel saunas in Canada. They’ve been so successful in the manufacturing of saunas that in 2016 the company introduced its unique panoramic view saunas, and most recently, rolled out three brand new sauna designs.

The success of Dundalk LeisureCraft can be attributed to the company’s commitment to manufacturing every single one of its products with the same high level of quality, service, and passion. Their dedication has led them to expand into the United States and Europe, ensuring that people around the world can enjoy these unparalleled products. Dundalk LeisureCraft prides itself on being an eco-friendly company, using wood purchased from sustainable mills and is always looking for new ways to reduce its ecological footprint.

Cedar saunas are the most exciting purchases you could make

Dundalk LeisureCraft’s unique line of Canadian made cedar saunas are built to last, manufactured from high quality Canadian cedar wood, thick walls for natural insulation, and unique designs for optimized heating without sacrificing room for bathers. Every Dundalk sauna is available in a variety of sizes to perfectly suit your home or cottage, and can be fully upgraded to include features like front porches, windows, various benches, solar lights, and so much more – whatever you want your sauna to be, Dundalk Leisurecraft can help you realize it.

Each sauna is easy to assemble, shipped in prefabricated kits with the buyer in mind so you can minimize frustration and start enjoying your sauna in just a few hours. Dundalk saunas are backed by an impressive 5 year warranty so you can have peace of mind that your cedar sauna will last for years to come. Whether you’re in the market for a unique cedar barrel sauna, want to enjoy your surroundings with a panoramic view sauna, or are looking eye-catching alternatives like the outdoor luna sauna, kota sauna, or the eagles nest sauna, you can count on Dundalk LeisureCraft products to last for generations to come.

UV Pools is an official dealer of Dundalk LeisureCraft saunas, supplying these high quality Canadian made saunas to people in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. To find out more about the wide assortment of Dundalk sauna products offered by UV Pools, get in touch with us today for your free quote.