Pool FAQs

What Causes Stains on My Pool Liner?

Any metallic objects that can rust or corrode will stain your pool liner. This includes anything from hairpins to coins left for extended periods on your pool liner.

Lawn fertilizers, leaves, debris, or anything else that contains pigments can stain your liner, leaving a “bathtub ring” around the water line. This ring can easily be removed with TLC cleaner, and a bit of elbow grease.

How much does a pool cost?

A new in-ground pool can cost anywhere from $50,000 and up. This depends on size the size of your new pool, and added options such as lights, heating, and concrete. There are also on-ground pools, which are different than above-ground pools, that can cost as little as $30,000. On-ground pools are built much in the same way as in-ground pools.

Do you sub contract?

No. We perform all of our own work in-house, with experienced and knowledgeable staff.

What brands do you carry?

We carry all major brands, including Hayward, Jandy, Kafko, Pentair, Sta-rite, HPI, Zodiac, and Feherguard. We also have the ability to source almost any other brand, at your request.

Pool Renovations

What is the best kind of pool to install in Winnipeg?

Vinyl lined steel with a semi hard bottom. Why? Hydraulic clay and ground movement in Manitoba make vinyl lined pools the best option for pools in Manitoba. Other types of pools will crack, shift and leak. Concrete will crack, leaving sharp edges; this is why we have a semi hard bottom. Hydraulic clay expands with moisture and freezing. We can't control this behavior so we need a pool that can move with the ground.

Do you have any references in our area?

We have references available in all areas of Winnipeg and many parts of Manitoba. Please inquire directly.

Can the depth of my swimming pool be changed?

Yes. We can make your pool deeper or shallower while we're in the process of replacing the liner. Depth changes will typically result in the loss of the main drain, but many new pools are installed without them so it will not be a problem.

Can a light be added to my pool?

Yes, there are a lot of lighting options available. It's best to do this when the liner is out. Click here for lighting options.

How Do I Choose The Best Pool Company in Winnipeg To Renovate My Swimming Pool?

Interview the salesperson and company thoroughly. It is important that they can provide references in your area. You can also ask what type of experience they have and what their main focus of business is, like swimming pool installations, repairs or renovations. Do they have required liability insurances to do construction and do they carry workers comp. Ask what type of experience the workers doing the job have. Ask the salesperson if they will be onsite while the work is being performed. Ask the salesperson if they have personal experience doing construction. Are you confident that the prospective pool company will treat your backyard with respect?

My pool has shifted and is no longer level, what are my options?

If the movement hasn't affected the proper operation of your pool then this is largely an aesthetic problem. It is possible to replace the coping and/or pour a new deck to address any visual impact of the shifting. If the flow of water has problems we can lower the skimmer to return the pool to normal function. We recommend addressing the problem that caused the shifting when considering other repairs.

Can I change the shape of my pool?

Usually you can change the shape of your pool. We can also add a staircase, change the deck, and upgrade the pool equipment while replacing the liner.

What makes your company different from other pool companies in Winnipeg?

We offer onsite sales meetings with the customer, while the trend is going towards over the counter sales. Our materials are chosen on quality before price, which means you get the best products available. We also run a low overhead company with our headquarters located just outside the perimeter. These savings are passed onto the customer who is important. Since quality is an act and not a habit we treat each job as if we are working on our own backyard.

Why Do Estimates on Renovating My Swimming Pool Vary So Much?

Every estimate will vary slightly in work being performed. Attention to detail costs more and quality is then built into the final product. It is very important to compare apples to apples. Sometimes companies are hopeful that they can provide you a high price and you will not shop around because you have been a loyal customer for years. Other times quality of the materials and workmanship are variables in the overall cost. Companies that have huge overhead of inventory have to charge more to cover their costs. We strive to offer the highest quality product and workmanship at a fair price.

Can a leaking concrete (aka gunite) pool be converted into a vinyl pool?

Most of the time if there are structural problems with the concrete, installing a vinyl liner in most cases will fix it. Please contact us for an onsite inspection of your swimming pool.

Pool Repair

My pool is leaking, should I drain it?

If you have a vinyl lined pool, the answer is NO. Draining your pool causes your liner to shrink and put undue stress on it once it is refilled with water. Our divers can fix your problem underwater. Contact us today

My pool liner has fallen down out of the coping or track?

This can almost always be repaired using liner lock. The pool liner will have to be stretched back into the track and then secured with liner lock. There is a chance that the liner can tear during this process but only if it is very brittle.

My pool water is dirty; can the liner still be repaired underwater?

The answer is most cases is no. The diver will need to visually see your pool liner to check for leaks and make a quality repair. Your pool should be cleaned up before the diver arrives.

My pool concrete deck is cracked, can it be fixed?

Yes. Patching, replacing sections or replacing the complete deck requires us to have a look at it. Email or call to set up a free estimate.

Should I leave my leaking swimming pool over winter?

No, if the liner or pipes can be fixed before the snow flies, you will be saving yourself a huge headache come spring time. Leaking water left over winter can cause pipes to crack, soften pool bases, crack concrete and even push in pool walls.

Why are there bubbles coming out of my pool jets in my pool?

This is a common problem and is a result of air being sucked into the pool plumbing. There are lots of places for entry but 90% of the time it is from the skimmer or the pumps strainer basket cover. If the pool water level is low or the flappy thing (called the weir) in the skimmer throat is stuck, this will cause air bubbles in your pool. Check the pump strainer basket O-ring for cracks by stretching it or bending it. Also, make sure the sealing faces where the O-ring sits are clean. You can also check the winterizing plugs on the pump to make sure the seals are not cracked on those as well. You can use silicone on the winterizing plug even with a dried out seal. If you have tried these steps and the air bubbles continue, you may require a pressure test to check your pool plumbing for leaks.  Contact us today!

My swimming pool pump is leaking?

Pumps usually leak around seals or connections. If the pump seals are leaking, the water will usually make its way into the motor or drip out the bottom. This usually results in rusted bearings and eventually a noisy, seized pump. If the pool pump connections are leaking, it is typically the pressure side which comes out of the top of the pump. This is usually caused from the threaded in fitting warping from heat and freeze/thaw in Winnipeg or improper sealing and/or undersized fittings originally. The best fix is to unscrew the fitting (which usually involves removing clamps or quick couplers) and replace with a PVC fitting. The threads are tapered and should tighten before they bottom out. We use silicone to seal the threads and teflon tape. If there are too many connections and pipes that need replacing you can call us and we can help you.

My winter blanket has fallen and collapsed into my swimming pool, what does that indicate?

This usually means that your pool has lost water over the winter or the liner could have ripped in the spring time. It is best to have it checked out by professionals.

My Pool Filter Is Not Cleaning Properly?

Your filter may need to be backwashed in the case of a sand filter or your pump may need to run for a longer duration daily. With a cartridge filter your cartridges may need to be cleaned or your chemicals may be out of balance. Cloudy pool water is usually an early indicator of algae formation however; cloudy water can be caused from a lot of factors. Too high ph, bad pool circulation, not enough chlorine, too high calcium are a few common reasons. With proper pool chemistry a UV pool sanitation system can help maintain your pool and make it more enjoyable and healthier to swim in.

My pool liner is ripped and torn after winter, what should I do?

Often times a torn or ripped vinyl pool liner is caused from ice damage over winter. We have a department that repairs rips in liners.  Contact us to review your options.

Why won’t my pool pump prime?

If you pool pump is not priming either your skimmer is plugged, you have not enough water in skimmer/pool basket or it can be plugged with leaves and debris, may have air leaks in suction lines, your pump is elevated above the pool water level taking longer to prime, or the valve on the front of your pump may be leaking air.
Cartridge Filter: To clean a cartridge filter, remove the filters, soak in a cleaning solution then hose off or pressure wash (on low pressure so filter pleats do not tear). Your goal is to clean between the pleats of the cartridge filter paper elements. Before cleaning either types of filter, always remember to shut off your heater/pump, drain out the water, and close all valves before removing the filter head.

My pool liner is floating, what should I do?

Keep your pool full of water. Rain, run-off water, or a leaky pool liner can float your pool liner. Excess rain water that has floated your liner will eventually soak into the ground and your liner will go back down. If your pool has been losing water prior to your liner floating, then it is likely that a pool leak is causing your liner to float. The problem should get fixed as soon as possible and that will cure the liner floating problem. Most likely your liner has a hole in it or your underground pipes could be leaking (less common). We specialize in vinyl liner repair even under water!

Pool Liner

What pool liners are available and what thickness are they?

In-ground liners are typically 30mil thick. This is the industry standard for the longest lasting liner. A thicker would be less elastic and more likely to tear whereas a thinner liner will be less resistant to punctures.

What is under my pool liner?

Usually a sand/cement floor that should be hard and smooth or a vermiculite/cement base that is usually found on older pools.

When should I replace my pool liner?

Unfortunately, most swimming pool owners wait until their vinyl pool liner fails before they decide to replace it. The loss of pool water through pool liner failure, often results in significant damage to the underlying structure of the swimming pool. It is wise to replace your pool liner proactively when it is nearing the end of its useful life. If your liner has rips longer than a couple inches or if your liner is losing elasticity and becoming brittle (look for horizontal cracking above the water line) you should replace it.

What warranty do you offer on your pool liners?

All our pool liners carry a lifetime prorated warranty covering manufacturing defects and seam separation. Our services carry a 3 year warranty on workmanship.

After my new liner is installed, how soon can I swim?

If the pool has been resurfaced (usually) it takes three days for the new bottom to harden. Touching the bottom sooner could leave permanent dents underneath the liner. You can swim right away if you can avoid touching the bottom, but if you can't then you'll need to hold off for three days before swimming.

My pool liner has wrinkles, is that normal?

Normal? No. The liner should be wrinkle free for the entire useful life of the liner. Wrinkles indicate a problem. The most likely causes of wrinkles are: 1. The liner was poorly installed. 2. Excess ground water has shifted the liner. 3. Low water PH has expanded the liner. It's OK to live with the wrinkles as long as they aren't causing a problem with vacuuming or other pool maintenance. More importantly, the cause of the wrinkles should be addressed. Call us for a sump pit install or ground water control system. If the wrinkles are causing maintenance issues or you just can't stand the sight of them, most of the time this means a liner replacement.

When can you start?

After signing an agreement, lead time will typically range from 1 week to 1 month. Liners are custom measured then ordered, manufactured, and shipped specifically for your pool. We book on a first come, first serve basis.

How can I make my pool liner last longer?

The best way to get more life out of your vinyl swimming pool liner is to take good care of it. In particular, make sure to:

  • Always use a pool cover in the winter (only on in ground pools).
  • Always maintain proper pool chemistry.
  • Always keep the pool full of water when it's in use to prevent sun damage.
  • Keep the part of the liner that's above the water clean by using a pool vinyl liner cleaner.
  • Use a solar blanket when the swimming pool is not in use.
  • Never pump the water out of the pool lower than your winterizing level.
  • You could add a ultra violet sanitation system to greatly reduce chemical usage which will substantially extend the life of your liner.
  • If you follow these simple guidelines you will be sure to enjoy your vinyl-lined swimming pool for many, many years.
  • Call for a free estimate.
My pool liner has wrinkles from winter time

Having wrinkles and a floating liner can be an indicator of excessive ground water or a hole in the vinyl pool liner. The wrinkles can sometimes be removed with the use of a plunger, other times the water can be lowered and the wrinkles removed. The best place to start is by having the liner fixed or the water from behind the liner removed. The liner will then go down and back into place. If you are left with wrinkles, do not pump your pool out dry and try to start over, this usually results in a damaged liner. Contact a pool professional for further assistance.

Can the “bath tub” ring be cleaned off my liner?

Yes. Using a product called TLC made by GLB (not hardware store TLC cleaner). It can be used to clean stairs, coping and it's safe for the liner. It is an acid so be careful not to make any contact with your concrete or it will etch it.

My pool liner is floating, what should I do?

Keep your pool full of water. Rain, run-off water, or a leaky pool liner can float your pool liner. Excess rain water that has floated your liner will eventually soak into the ground and your liner will go back down. If your pool has been losing water prior to your liner floating, then it is likely that a pool leak is causing your liner to float. The problem should get fixed as soon as possible and that will cure the liner floating problem. Most likely your liner has a hole in it or your underground pipes could be leaking (less common). We specialize in vinyl liner repair even under water!

Pool Pump

How much power does my pool pump burn? How much does it cost to run?

Depending on the size of your pool pump, it will burn between 1,000 and 1,600 watts per day. This equates to $2.50-$3.50 per day in Winnipeg if ran 24/7, with our current hydro utility rate.

Our recommendation is to use the smallest pump possible for your pool, or to invest in a variable speed pump. These pumps only cost about $0.50-$0.75 per day to run.

Why is my pool pump making noises?

When your pool pump is making loud noises, the seals are most likely shot, or the motor bearings are rusted and pitted.

Replace the bearing and seals if possible, but it is usually better to buy a new pool pump if your existing pump is an older model.

Should I get a bigger pool pump?

This is a common question, and it has a common answer. 95% of the time, the answer is no.

New pool pumps are more efficient, and have better designs, allowing more water to flow per horsepower than older pumps. Providing that your pump was originally sized properly, replacing with the same amount of horse power is usually sufficient.

When a larger pool pump is installed with the same piping and filter used, the pressure in the pump will increase, along with the electrical bill. The filter is put into overdrive, but does not clean any better or faster.

For the same price as a larger pump, you can purchase the same size pump as your existing pump.

The motor on my pool pump buzzes and hums when it is turned on. What does this mean?

Most often, a pool pump will buzz or hum from sitting still over winter, or if the motor capacitor is failing.

Usually, pool pumps contain a cap on the end of the motor that can be popped off, allowing users to manually rotate the motor while the power is off to free up stuck facets from the winter.

When the motor takes longer to start and makes continuous buzzing noises, the capacitor probably needs replacing. If your pump is new, ensure that the correct voltage is being applied to the motor. The voltage will be either 120v or 240v, and the wiring diagram will be displayed on the motor.

Pool Filter

There is algae in my pool, and my filter is not cleaning it. Why?

Your sand filter will not clean live algae. The pool water will need to be shocked or flocked to bring algae to the pool bottom to be vacuumed up. Ensure that you follow the flock chemical manufacturer’s directions on the container.

How often should I backwash my pool sand filter?

Your sand filter should be backwashed once the pressure reaches above 20-25 psi. Pressure is different for every pool, filter, pipe size, plumbing arrangement, and heating combination, and depends on your particular combination.

The psi can range from 15-30 before it requires backwashing. Start with a baseline pressure, which is the pressure your filter runs at right after it has been backwashed. Once that pressure increases 7-10 psi, it is best to backwash it for 2 minutes, or until the clear sight glass bulb is clean. Then, rinse for 1 minute.

Backwashing sand filters too frequently is counter-productive, as the accumulated dirt trapped in the sand actually aids in trapping the finer particles in the pool water.

How do I clean my pool filter?

Sand Filter: To clean a sand filter, use a sand filter cleaning solution. This solution can be poured into your pump basket when it is turned off. The valve on the front of the pump must be closed before you can start the pump again, for about 10 seconds. Then, you can open the lid of the pump basket, and dilute the remnants of the solution with water.

This process will pump the solution into the filter, where it should sit overnight to cleanse the sane. After 12 hours, turn on the pump with the filter handle in the backwash position for 2 minutes, then switch the handle to rinse for 1 minute.

Always remember to turn the pump off in between filter handle position changes.

Cartridge Filter: Remove the filter cartridges, and soak in a cleaning solution. Hose or off the filters, using low pressure so that the filter pleats do not tear. The goal is to clean between the pleats of the cartridge filter paper elements.

Before you clean either type of filter, ensure that you shut off the heater and pump, drain the water, and close all valves before removing the filter head.

How often should I change the sand in my pool filter?

This depends on how much dirt is going through your filter. Sand filters can work for a few years, up to 20 years with the same sand.
This usually depends on maintaining a balanced pool chemistry, and opening up the waste valve when vacuuming up debris and algae.
Some say that the sands sharp edges wear down over time, and cease to work as effectively, meaning that it should be replaced sooner rather than later.
Ensure that you use filter cleanser to make sure the sand is not clumped together. Clumped sand causes the water to channel through the sand, and not actually be filtered.

Why is my pool sand filter pressure so high?

There are various reasons that a sand filter pressure is high, such as:

  • Your filter may need to be backwashed.
  • The drains in your filter could be heat damaged from turning off the pump while the gas heater is running.
  • The gauge might be frost damaged from not being removed during Winnipeg winters. This frost damage may cause the gauge to max out and be permanently damaged. Luckily, new gauges are under $10, and can be replaced in less than 5 minutes.
What do the handle positions on my pool sand filter do?

Your sand filter dial head has the following positions:

Filter position: Used when you are running your pool, and need the pool water to be filtered. This is the most commonly used position.

Backwash position: This position is only used when your filter is dirty and you want to clean the sand in the filter. Water is reversed through the sand, and lifts out any dirt. It is then discharged out of the waste pipe.

Rinse Position:
Used only after backwashing. Does same thing as the "filter" position, only water goes out of the waste pipe instead of back into pool.

Winterize position: Used in winter to relieve pressure off the seals, so they don't flatten and leak over time. This position also lets air into the filter, to help drain the water out of your filter during winterizing.

Whirlpool position: Used when you want the water to bypass your filter. It is most handy when you’re diagnosing pressure problems, or checking how dirty your sand is.

Drain position: Use this position when you want the water from your pool to not get filtered, but go directly out your backwash waste hose. This position is also handy if you are vacuuming up debris that you don't want in your pool or filter.


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Sarah A
Sarah A
19:14 26 Sep 22
Julie, Dale, Frank, Brandon, and the entire team at UV Pool went above and beyond. Everyone was super helpful.... Communication was outstanding. Every crew member was punctual, professional, and respectful. Our renovation was completed efficiently, on budget, and in only a few days. UV was a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them for your pool repair or reno!read more
Gary Bnaner
Gary Bnaner
15:22 01 Aug 22
From the quote process to the final walkthrough the communication was great. Crew was knowledgeable and explained... everything going on very well. Pool looks and works like new after 20 years.read more
Lynn Lessard
Lynn Lessard
19:11 22 Jul 22
I had my pool liner replaced by UV Pools. Dealing with this company was a pleasant flashback to what business was like... in the pre-pandemic world. Julie and the staff were incredible. My pool liner was measured, ordered, installed and the pool refilled in record time. The company is highly organized and efficient. I was concerned about potential damage to my landscaping but there was no sign that a crew had even been in my yard. I can’t imagine how this job could have been done in better fashion. My expectations were exceeded . UV Pools has incredible well trained, pleasant and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend this company. They are the best.read more
Matthew David
Matthew David
13:14 12 Jul 22
Extremely impressed with the multiple crews we had on site to look after renovating our pool from start to finish.... Communication from emails, calls and texts was by far top notch! Highly recommend UV Pools!read more
Randy Mutchmor
Randy Mutchmor
18:20 21 Oct 21
The team at UV pools did a fantastic job replacing our liner. Everything was on-time and on-budget, and the were very... respectful of our property. Thanks again for the great work, we can't wait to use it next summer!read more
Mike Knight
Mike Knight
23:58 28 Sep 21
UV Pools just completed a full reno on our inground pool. Their workmanship was impeccable. The crew was prompt,... courteous and professional. They answered any questions we had during the entire process. Everything that we were told about the entire project happened without any issues. Great job! Excellent company! Thanks UV Poolsread more
02:35 24 Sep 21
We were told by one company that our pool is an old "Trojan" aluminum pool that couldn't be saved so we should prepare... to fill in the hole with mud....I"m thrilled to say Dale Julie and the team proved them wrong! A neighbour also recommended UV Pools to us and we're astonished by how quickly and seamlessly the work was completed from start to finish. Keep up the great work saving people's older pools that still have many years of life left in them. We appreciate all that you do!read more
James Freeman
James Freeman
03:16 13 Aug 21
From our first meeting to get an assessment and quote, to the job completion, we were extremely impressed with UV... pools.Their professionalism and dedication to craft was evident. Strong work ethic!! The work crews knew their individual tasks, and worked like a well oiled machine! They were all very friendly and polite.The finished job, (new liner, concrete work etc) was completed on time and under budget, and the finished result is wonderful!!We would strongly recommend giving UV Pools a call.read more
Maurice Perko
Maurice Perko
15:26 05 Aug 21
I called Dale in the fall of 2020 for an estimate to replace an aging 20 year old liner. He responded promptly and by... March of this year as soon as all the ice was gone, Julie called that they were ready to start repairs. By end of April all renovations were complete, workmanship was excellent and communication with Julie through out the process was outstanding.I would highly recommend UV Pools.read more
James N
James N
22:04 27 Jul 21
From start to finish UV Pools demonstrated professionalism. From assisting in selecting a liner right up to... installation day they were great. I was very impressed by the quality and efficiency of their liner replacement process and their friendly staff.read more
Scott Chabluk
Scott Chabluk
01:17 07 Jul 21
We had UV Pools rebuild our in-ground Pool with everything, including Liner, Coping, ground shaping, Skimmer, and all... plumbing. 7 days from start to finish! Always cleaning up after themselves, working their butts off in some pretty intense heat...from the Office and Estimators to the guys in the field - these guys were FANTASTIC! I can't recommend them highly enough - Best of the Best!read more
21:40 24 Jun 21
UVPools did a complete redo of our pool. Everything except digging the hole. New floor, liner, equipment, pipes,... coping the works.UV Pools, are professional, honest, accurate and respectful. All their staff were friendly, the work was on time, on budget and exemplary quality.read more
06:28 27 May 21
Bought a house with a beat up in ground pool, I called uv pools and hired them to install a new liner a heater and a... pump. They were done in 2 days, they also fix the concrete of your pool before installing the liner and install a new skimmer. They can also install pool lights and make walk in steps if you so desire.Dale is a genius when it comes to pools and also fair, Julie is most likely who you will deal with and she's also very knowledgeable and professional.Whenever I have trouble with the money pit uv pools is my first call.read more
Lisa Light
Lisa Light
01:39 20 Nov 20
UV Pools completed a pool renovation for us in May 2020. Dale, owner, provided exceptional service from start to... finish. The renovation was completed on time, workmanship was excellent and communication through out the process was outstanding. Julie was available to answer any questions we had and kept us informed every step of the way. Every employee of UV Pools arrived on time, worked hard and behaved in a courteous and respectful manner. We highly recommend UV Pools!read more
15:59 07 Nov 20
UV Pools gave our pool a new life with a new liner this summer ! They installed it earlier than expected, and were... excellent at communicating though the whole process! The follow up was also great after. Would def recommend . Thanks UVread more
Nelson Vieira
Nelson Vieira
23:05 06 Nov 20
The staff was excellent to communicate with. They were very informative and quick to respond. The crew was extremely... efficient and organized. Just check out my before and after pictures. Would highly recommend UV Pools!read more
Josh Cheater
Josh Cheater
20:41 06 Nov 20
When we bought our House in the fall of 2017 we were told that the pool liner was replaced in 2015. When we opened the... pool in the spring we realized that the company that had done it had done a very poor job. Flash forward to spring 2020 and the liner was falling apart. We made the tough decision to get it replaced even though it was only 5 years old. I got a number of quotes from pool companies in the city and it was clear to me that Dale and his team were best suited to take care of us! They found that our old liner had been cut to fit and it still wasn't even fitting properly. We had them restore the crumbling pool floor, replace the liner, skimmer, jets and pluming. They carefully measured our pool and had a liner made it fit perfectly with no cutting. When they installed it, it fit perfectly and looks amazing! They brought our 1970's pool back to its original charm, but likely even better than when it was new! We couldn't be happier with Dale, Julie and the entire team at UV Pools for the amazing job they did. They worked to stay within our budget and and the finished product turned out better than I could have imagined. We are so happy we went with UV pools and will definitely use them again for any of our pool needs.read more
Terry and Heidi
Terry and Heidi
03:52 31 Oct 20
Doing a big pool reno can be unnerving but Dale and staff made it feel like it was nothing. Dale explained, in detail... the process from who, what, when, how and why so we understood everything. The crew was great. They worked hard, answered our questions, offer opinions and advice and entertained us with their music and dancing. The experience was much better than expected and would definitely recommend them!read more
Nancy Wong-Mitchell
Nancy Wong-Mitchell
13:45 28 Oct 20
UV Pools replaced our pool liner, light & cover for us. We are very pleased with the work they did. The staff were... efficient, friendly and accommodating. We highly recommend them!read more
Leslie Wirth
Leslie Wirth
17:25 12 Oct 20
Work was completed on time, the staff was extremely helpful and professional. The work was done in the fall so I will... have to wait until next spring to see if there are any issues. Right now though I am completely satisfied with UV Pools and would recommend them.read more
Trev Stefanko
Trev Stefanko
19:04 15 Sep 20
USE A DIFFERENT COMPANYBUYER BEWARESUPER SLOW AFTER SERVICEI had UV Pool Come out June 26th 2020 to install a new... liner amongst a few other things. One of the employees who was working on the staircase drilled 3 EXTRA holes in the staircase/concrete that caused the pool to leak for well over a month because UV was to busy to come back or just simply didn't care. I lost the water I paid to trucked in, the chemicals and my yard was soaking wet for well over a month. Dale doesn't seem to care about any of the above and thinks that's apart of the process and I shouldn't be reinstated for my loss of water, time and chemicals. The day after the install I called and left a voicemail first thing in the morning because the chlorinator that Dale installed was leaking in THREE spots and I thought that's why I was losing 2 inch of water out of my pool a day to only get an email back four days later asking for a 5 star rating on google and the rest of the money owning. Long of the short Dale is saying the holes in the staircase must be a manufacture defect and they were always there. ( I HAVE THE EMAIL FROM HIM STATING SO) I've never had any issues with my staircase and I literally passed Jordan an extension cord to plug in his drill to install a new bottom staircase cover. Jordan was working on my staircase installing a new strip along the bottom of the staircase and guess where i have 3 issues. Even though I have It all on camera and photos of the staircase the day before with ZERO holes. I was there with my brother watching/helping from start to finish and Dale won't accept his team made a mistake.UV Pools will supply and install new stair sealing and terminating strips to ensure that your new pool liner is watertight. The supplied product will include two (2) sets of gaskets, three (3) piece sealing strips, and three (3) piece covering strips that work to conceal screws. During this process, we will accurately drill the blank strips out to match them to the original factory screw hole locations.BUT WAIT IT GETS WORSE...Dale used the WRONG PRODUCT TO PATCH the staircase/concrete and told me how great of a patch it is. I asked Dale what he patched my pool with and his response was "I have no idea" Sure enough his team used the wrong product to patch my pool. Dale consulted with the manufacture and another pool company (KREVCO) on how to patch the staircase/concrete they drilled into 3x. Dale now wants to come back for the third time to re drill the product out and re re patch the staircase/concrete. Dale's STORY HAS CHANGED LITERALLY THREE TIMES NOW and is currently a legal matter. Luckily enough I only put half the money down with this CROOK. I have caught Dale in five different lies and is it hard to do business with someone you CAN'T TRUST. Dale came to my house at 930 pm Monday night to collect the rest of the money. I said to Dale you're here to smooth talk me and collect the rest of check not to make these issues better. Dales response was "No that's not why I'm here" i asked why are you here then and he remained quite. why else would you show up a month and a half later at 930pm... Dale isn't willing to budge on price or take responsibility for what his crew did and thinks I should carry all the risk with potentially having to replace the concrete stairs after his crew drilled into the staircase 3x. New stairs are only $8000-$10,000.*** I ADDED A PICTURE TO SHOW NO HOLES ON THE BOTTOM OF THE STAIRCASE BEFORE UV POOLS CAME TO INSTALL.DALE STILL WON'T OWN UP TO THE DAMAGES.read more
raj dhillon
raj dhillon
18:35 11 Jul 20
Great people. They got the work done in minimal time and were very friendly when they came. They also had better... pricing compared to other liner replacement places... Overall really loved the experience with themread more
Judy Ahrens-Townsend
Judy Ahrens-Townsend
18:23 20 Jun 20
From our initial contact all of our dealings with UV Pools staff have been outstanding. We required a fairly major... pool renovation with a number of questions, concerns and unknowns at the start. We sought 6 quotes. It was at the quoting process that UV separated themselves from the others because of their knowledge, explanations and thoroughness. We really felt that we received details and explanations from competent experts, along with discussions of options and possible issues to consider, which we did not get from the others. We very much appreciated this customer engagement, not only from the start, but throughout the project. When it came time for the renovation to go ahead we were amazed at how organized and efficient the whole team was. We received daily communication to let us know what was going to be happening and what time staff would be arriving. On the day the new pool liner was installed it was fun to watch the team in action. We LOVE our new pool liner. It’s stunning!! On advice we went ahead with the automatic chlorinator and the ultra violet sanitizer system. We would highly recommend UV Pools for service which is honest, upfront, responsive, competent and high quality, with great after installation support and follow up. Thank you UV team.read more
BA Wilson
BA Wilson
16:44 09 Jun 20
Dale, Jen, and team perfectly coordinated and executed the replacement of our 18 yr old inground pool liner.... Workmanship was great, and the cost came in as estimated. Super team of workers with good skills and work ethic. Would definitely recommend them for any major pool job. Thx UVpools!!!read more
Peter Fast
Peter Fast
18:51 08 Jun 20
The experience with UV Pools was phenomenal and flawless. Their professionalism and hard work was incredible. I had one... consultation with the owner, Dale, he took great care in figuring out what we needed, he answered questions clearly and drafted up a quote. Once we hired them they were able to get to our house a week earlier then expected and the UV Pool team was amazing. They worked hard, enjoyed our kids and dog, and had everything done in a week. Every promise given was kept and our pool looks beautiful. They cleaned up the site, explained how to use our new skimmer, pump, etc. and were a joy. I wouldn't hesitate a minute to use them again...in fact, UV Pools will be the company we will continue to deal with. Highly recommend hiring them. Awesome work! Enjoy the photos...before...during...and after!read more
Ken Grove
Ken Grove
12:12 02 Jun 20
The crew was very efficient, Hard working, professional start to finish, left each day cleaning up yard and driveway,... very prompt and responsive, completed renovation work quickly and the “new” 40 year old pool looks great and functions well. Highly recommend.read more
Lauren Hope
Lauren Hope
00:27 24 May 20
Thank you to UV Pools for friendly, prompt, and very well priced service! Upon opening this year, our pool pump died.... Our regular pool company was very disappointing to deal with, and we were left to make a decision about ordering online from Ontario, or looking around for a reasonable price locally on a Pentair VS Pump. Some local companies were charging up to a $1000 more on the same product! Julia came back with a very fair price and we were so happy we could afford to shop local. Meet our new pool pump - we lovingly refer to her as Julia, the one who saved our summer. Thanks again!read more
linda baker
linda baker
14:07 09 May 20
We had the pros from UV Pools out in the fall of 2019 to quote us on a new liner. They cam back and started the work at... the end of April. Everyone was very polite, the cleaned up after themselves and were mindful of the fact we had a dog & small kids to keep out of the pool area. I appreciated the detailed quote and the time they took to answer questions. I was surprised how quickly the liner went in after they pumped the old water out and removed the old liner. Very impressed. I would highly recommend and we can't wait to use it when the weather warms up.read more
Nick H
Nick H
21:45 04 Dec 19
Time finally came to have work done on the pool and there was only one company I wanted to deal with. Dale, Julie and... the crew made sure I did not regret my decision. New pool liner, Rubaroc, pool pump and sand filter, the back yard has new life. I also have to mention Frank who made sure the sand filter, pool pump and plumbing was installed correctly.read more
James Friesen
James Friesen
19:58 04 Oct 19
Dale and his crew did an amazing job. We had a major pool overhaul done. New liner, put in stairs, put in a new slide,... Rubaroc put all around the pool, new plumbing with filtration system and a UV Filter. He went over everything with us about what was needed to be done and what we did not need done.We had another pool company come down to give us quotes and discuss our needs. The other company said that they would break up all the concrete and re-pour everything. When Dale came down, he said that doing that would be a waste because 90% of our concrete was in great shape. He explained how he would cut out the parts that were breaking up and just pour that fresh concrete where it was needed. This saved us quite a bit of money.Also, we said we wanted a quote for replacing our pool heater as we had a heat pump and wanted to go to gas. Dale looked at our heat pump and recommend that we keep the one we had because it will be a lot cheaper to run and the one we had was a really good heater and is still in great shape. The other company we had down said that they could replace it, no problem, and added about $10,000 onto their quote.Other than that, their quote was very reasonable, they showed up when they said they would and did a great job. They cleaned up everything when they were finished and left the place spotless. There were a couple of days when they fell behind schedule because of rain or storms, but they always called to let us know that they were delayed.Just one word on their filteration system they installed. Amazing. We were blown away by the way it kept the pool free of debris. Our yard is surrounded by trees and normally we use our leaf skimmer net daily. This last summer, I only used it a couple of time, and that was only after a very windy or stormy day.We would definitely use them again in the future and would recommend them to anyone.read more
Suzanne Wiebe
Suzanne Wiebe
17:15 23 Sep 19
Al and I had a pool liner replacement done on our pool with UV Pools. We are so happy we chose this company. Dale,... Julie and all his team did A1 work in a timely fashion. They are very efficient and knowledgeable. We always felt they had our interest at heart. We have total confidence in them and would definitely recommend them.read more
Wensi Heran
Wensi Heran
01:32 13 Sep 19
Excellent company! Dale is really professional and cares his customers. I recommend his company to anyone who need to... renovate the pools. Thank you for installing the cover and the heater for us. We enjoy our pool so much this summer.read more
Maya Kotecha
Maya Kotecha
13:04 29 May 19
They replaced our pool liner and added a UV light unit to our system. They were very responsive and professional! I... highly recommend using them. Julie was great to work with.read more
Ron MacLean
Ron MacLean
01:23 25 Sep 18
We really love our pool renovation, Dale and the team did a fantastic job! We got all new plumbing, heater, sand... filter, UV filtration system,new liner and metal on the walls, winter safety cover, rubberoc, and the list goes on and on. Communication was great, and the renovation was completed basically on time with only a slight delay beyond their control. We cant wait to enjoy our new backyard next summer! We will definitely recommend UV Pools to our friends and family!read more
Keri Joss
Keri Joss
14:03 12 Sep 14
We were very happy to find UV Pools and even more impressed after our first encounter with Dale. He was quick to come... out and speak with us, listen to our needs & wants, offer his professional opinions and was quick to respond with detailed quote we could understand. Dale & his crew were equally as professional when it came to getting down to the task at hand with the tear out and re-build of our space. The team was respectful, courteous and available thru the entire project. Quality workmanship and commitment to a quality product was evident. Our pool is amazing! UV Pools were exceptional and we would highly recommend them to anyone.Trevor & Keri Jossread more
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