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Pool Liner Coping and When to Repair

Pool Coping has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Almost every pool has some form of coping which finishes off the transition from the pool wall to the pool deck. Most transitions...


Solar Heat For Your Pool

Having solar heat would be the best and cheapest option would it not? In an ideal world, it probably would be, however we live in Winnipeg and our climate varies a lot from season to season. Solar ...


Why Is My Pool Ladder Rusting?

Stainless steel pool ladders that have rusted or pitted are often a result of low ph in chlorine pools or too much/too little salt in salt water pools. Types of Stainless Steel: There are 2 main g...


3 Backyard Pool Games to Play with your Kids.

Spending time with the family in your pool is a great source of quality time and can help build stronger relationships. Lounging around the pool is always nice, but introducing your kids to some fa...


What Does the Pool Drain Do?

One of the questions we get asked most often is, what the purpose of the main drain in my swimming pool? The Main drain pot at the bottom of your pool provides increased mixing of the water in your...


Welcome To UV Pools Winnipeg

Welcome to UV Pools, a Winnipeg Pool Company that takes care of everything when it comes to your outdoor pool. As much as you enjoy your pool during the summer season in Winnipeg, you always dread ...


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