What Should You Know About Selecting a Swimming Pool Liner?

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With a seemingly countless quantity of liner patterns to select from, you probably have asked yourself, “how will I pick the best pool liner for my swimming pool”.  Selecting the proper liner for your existing or new pool is one of the most critical decisions you’ll make as you plan for your new swimming pool as it’ll affect the look of your swimming pool.

As you will want to ensure that you know how the end result is going to look ,the pool liner repair company of UV pools has put together our top recommendations and tips that we have provided over the past 10 years to assist you in making a choice to suit your preferences!


Do you recall that seemingly countless quantity of liner patterns that we mentioned? Step one in narrowing down your options includes determining what you desire the overall color of the pool to be!  If you understand ahead of time that you desire more of a beachy appearing pool, you will save a ton of time by passing over the darker blue pool liners scattered throughout the pattern line-up.


Here’s the good news: no matter which color you determine to go with, there still will be an abundance of tile and pattern options that are available to you! There are patterns which mimic marble, natural stones, ceramic tiles, and jewels.

What Will Be Covered

Vinyl liners are sort of like magic. There is almost nothing they cannot cover in the pool to create a smooth appearance. It’s possible to cover a variety of stair types and additional built-in features in the liner option: Sundecks, swim-outs, tanning ledges, benches, in-pool bar stools… if it is under the pool’s water, ask if it may be covered!


Texture may be an invaluable option if you go with vinyl over steps! Vinyl gets embossed with a texture which feels great under foot and offer grip and extra traction in higher traffic spaces of the pool.


This ought to be obvious: the thicker, the better?  Not really!

In the majority of instances, a thicker liner lasts longer, and is less likely to be punctured or cut. But, if installed in cooler climates on a colder day, thicker liners aren’t as pliable as thinner liners.  That is also important in that with installations in which the liner is a bit tighter, if you over stretch your liner, it’ll decrease the life of the liner. However, that may be completely avoided by preparing to install the liner correctly. Breeze free, warm days are the best, and leaving the liner in a warm basement or the sun for a good amount of time beforehand may help in making it more pliable!

For those reasons, we usually recommend trying the pattern you like the best and think about the thickness of the pool liner last.  If the pattern comes in several thicknesses, and it is in the budget to upgrade, it almost is always a great idea to do so; particularly in hotter areas that have longer seasons.