New Swimming Pool Safety Checklist

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If you have plans to move into a new house that has a pool or having one of your own constructed, you are soon to have great times with friends and family. However, before the good times roll, it is vital that you use our new pool safety checklist to assist in ensuring that the swimming pool site is safe for everyone who has access to it, particularly elderly adults, children, and adults who live with disabilities. With that in mind, here are some pool safety considerations from the retractable pool covers services of UV Pools to include within your new swimming pool safety checklist:

Check Attachment of Rails and Ladders

One important new swimming pool safety step is to just ensure that your swimming pool’s rails and ladders are installed securely. Checking these only should take a couple of minutes.

Keep Water Clear

Cloudy water has been stated as a contributing cause of drowning incidents in pools. Situations have happened where adults and children sank to the bottom of swimming pools, went unseen because of murky water, then drowned. Covering a pool with a leaf swimming pool cover when it isn’t being used and ensuring that the water keeps a proper chlorine-to-water ratio, is going to help keep the swimming pool clear.

Leaf pool covers prevent leaves from getting inside the swimming pool, in which they decay then release swirling sediments which cloud the water. Chlorine aids in preventing the formulation of algae and additional micro flora which make swimming pools murkier.

Keep Pool Patio Free from Clutter

Another easy yet very effective step for new swimming pool safety includes keeping the patio area which surrounds the pool free of toys and additional objects that might cause swimmers to fall into the water, or trip and experience injuries from landing on the patio’s surface. Those objects often are left behind from the prior pool session.

Setting up a rule that all swimmers have to collect and put away objects used on the patio is a simple method of enhancing new swimming pool safety.

Let Children Know Everyone Requires Supervision

If you have smaller kids, let them know they have to be supervised while entering the swimming pool, or the swimming pool patio space as a whole — and give consideration to setting up rewards for obeying. Motivating your children to obey the rules creates a solid new swimming pool safety step against drowning incidents. When your children have the right supervision their opportunities of drowning will significantly decrease.

Study CPR and Keep First Aid Kit Available

Ideally, your new swimming pool safety steps also should include understanding how to do CPR and keeping a first-aid kit inside the pool space to treat scrapes which might arise from tripping and falling on the patio. If you have a solid swimming pool safety barrier in place, and your swimming pool patio is free from clutter, you may never have to use CPR, or your safety kit. But, there always is the opportunity that you might need to. Make those resources available as soon as you can.