Tanning Ledge: What is it

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You likely have seen it before yet might not know it by name. Tanning ledges (also referred to as tanning shelves, baja shelves, or sun shelves) are very shallow shelves in the swimming pool that usually are at least 5’ wide and 9” deep. The retractable pool covers company of UV Pools dives in a bit deeper:

These shelves act as entry points to the pool and may span its partial or full width. It ought to be deep enough for you to be inside the water without swimming or floating.

Most folks use it to keep cool, relax, play, or read a book. Also, people love to put furniture inside their tanning ledges, which includes umbrellas, lounge chairs, and small tables. This kind of design has been in existence for a couple of years; however, it is becoming more and more popular because of its aesthetic qualities and versatility.

At UV Pools, we specialize in retractable pool covers; however, in this post, we will break down tanning ledges around different types of pools to provide you a better concept of what your options are and what you can expect. By the end of this post, you ought to have a good sense as to whether tanning ledges are the right features for you and your loved ones.

Pool tanning ledge activities

A tanning ledge is for everyone. Children like to splash around in it. Adults utilize them for socializing, relaxing and reading. Even doggies love to dive in and play! Imagine sleeping in a lounge chair or consuming a full meal at the table without leaving the pool. Nap, eat, swim, repeat. That sounds like a great life!

Do you ever feel like getting inside the pool, yet you aren’t up for any exercise? We understand the feeling. The tanning ledge provides you the ideal space to cool off on days such as these. Besides, with traditional swimming pools, you’d spend the majority of the time close to the water instead of in it. Tanning ledges give users the best of both worlds.

Is there any difference between a sun shelf, baja shelf, tanning shelf, and tanning ledge?

These words all refer to the exact same thing, and it’s possible to interchangeably use them. Typically, people refer to it as a tanning ledge, a sun shelf, a tanning shelf, baja shelf, and additional names depending upon the area. If you ask the manufacturer or pool builder for one of them, they will probably know what you are talking about no matter what it’s referred to.

How large should tanning ledges be?

The size of a concrete pool or vinyl liner tanning ledge is going to vary based upon the design and the builder. Usually, it’ll be at least 5’ in width with sufficient space for more than one lounge chair. It’s possible to expect a fiberglass pool ledge to be from 5 to 8 feet in width, mostly because this range is what the majority of homeowners like, because it’ll give you the best of both worlds. For instance, that provides sufficient space for a couple of chairs, a cooler, an umbrella, and much more.