Why Should I Repair My Pool Liner?

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Your Guide on Pool Liner Coping Replacement

When you head to the pool for a Saturday afternoon swim, you may notice that you have a tear in your pool liner. Some pool owners are tempted to leave the tear in place, particularly if it isn’t very large. The reason that not much can happen when the hole is still so small. Unfortunately, a hole in the pool liner that goes unrepaired can cause a significant amount of damage to your pool and yard. It may even end up costing you more than it would to repair the hole up front.

Are you still unconvinced that you need to repair your pool liner? A repair could range in cost from $100 to several thousand, so you need to be sure that it’s necessary. Here are three of the major reasons why every pool liner tear or hole needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Holes allow the water levels to drop

One of the constant struggles for pool owners is to keep their water levels consistent. This can become even more difficult when you have a tear in the liner that is allowing water to leak out. Even a small hole is quietly filtering water out of the pool and tucking it away behind the liner. A smaller hole may take a while for you to notice this pattern every time you add more water whereas a larger hole is rapidly removing water from the pool. When the water levels drop too low, you can cause major damage to the pump.

Your water usage is bound to increase

There’s only one way to effectively maintain your water levels when a hole in the liner is allowing water to leak out. You have to keep adding more with the hose which is bound to have a second costly effect. Your increased water usage is going to show up on the monthly water bill. This means that the cost of extra water from not fixing your pool liner is going to quickly exceed the cost of repairing the hole. Keep in mind that the hole may continue to get larger, requiring even more water over time.

Soil erosion can damage the pool wall

As the water leaks out of your pool, you may find that it begins to build up in the soil around the pool or beneath the pool. The water can easily wash away the soil that is holding the pool up if you leave the liner in disrepair for an extended period of time. When the soil that supports the pool begins to wash away, you may find that it seriously damages the pool wall. It can cause the entire pool to crack or sink lower into the ground. The failure of the pool walls can also result in wrinkling or bubbling of the pool liner.

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