Underground Pipe Repair

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Have you noticed over time that your pool is losing water?

Evaporation may be partly to blame – or you could have a leak. If you do in fact have a leak, it’s important to fix it sooner rather than later since a leaking pipe could cause structural damage.

How Do I Know if It’s a Leak?

If your pool water is dropping more than usual, start by performing these two simple tests:

Bucket Test – Place a weight (like a smooth rock or a sandbag) inside the bucket, and then place the bucket on one of your pool steps. Fill the bucket with water until the levels inside and outside the bucket are the same. After 24 hours, check the level of the water. If the water outside the bucket is lower than the water inside the bucket, you likely have a pool leak. Step by step instructions here

Pump Test – If the bucket test indicates a leak, perform a pump test by turning the pump off overnight while repeating the bucket test. Compare the difference in the amount of water lost with the pump on and with the pump off. If you are losing more water with the pump on, then the leak is probably located in the pool return line. If you’re losing more water when the pump is turned off, however, then your leak is probably in the skimmer or main drain. If the same amount of water is lost, regardless of whether the pump is on or off, then your leak is likely in the pool liner. Step by step instructions here

I Have a Leak. What Now?

The first step is to call UV Pools in Winnipeg. When you call, have the following information handy:

  • When the leak started
  • How much water you are losing per day
  • The age of your pool
  • Whether or not your pool is leaking with the pump shut off

This information will help us narrow down the problem before sending out the technician, saving our technician’s time and your money.

What Will You Need to Do to Fix the Leak?

Fixing the leak could be as simple as tightening a clamp to stop air from being suctioned into your pool pump. Unfortunately, the problem could also be more complex. If the plumbing leak is occurring underground, we will need to dig down to reach the pipe and make the repair.

UV Pools is skilled in finding and fixing even tough underground leaks. We have the equipment necessary, including diamond saws that allow us to make a clean cut in concrete. We can also pour in new concrete to restore the appearance of your pool after your leak is repaired. In most cases, we don’t need to cut up much concrete; most underground and under-concrete repairs can actually be performed within a 1.5-square-foot diamond-cut hole.

Don’t delay and risk structural damage and a much more costly and time-consuming fix. Call UV Pools today to get your free quote.