Pool Liner Repairs

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Underwater vinyl pool liner repair is our speciality! When owner Dale Kreviazuk founded UV Pools, the first jobs that we took on were those that involved finding holes in vinyl pool liners and then fixing them underwater. In fact, the UV in our name stands for Underwater Vinyl. If you are looking to have your complete liner replaced then click here.

Don’t Attempt Vinyl Pool Liner Repairs Yourself – Trust the Experts

If you’ve been trying to find the holes in your pool liner, then you know that this can be a time-consuming and frustrating job, especially if you don’t have the right tools and the experience to know what you’re looking for. We actually use divers equipped with scuba gear who can find the holes and then fix them using a special underwater vinyl adhesive.

Taking the Time to Make Sure the Leaking Areas Are Fixed

As our divers inspect your liner, they’ll take care to examine every square inch as well as the sealing surfaces, including the gaskets around your staircase, skimmer, jets, lights, and main drain. Since we can repair just about anything underwater, you’ll get to save money and avoid the hassle of having to pump out your pool.

How Do I Know I Have a Leak?

Has the water in your pool been slowly sinking down? While it’s normal for you to lose some water to evaporation, splash out, and backwash, you’ll also gain water from rainfall. But if you find yourself routinely adding an inch or more of water per week (about one hour of running the garden hose), then you probably have a leak. Here is a quick test to check for leaks.

If you suspect a leak, it’s worth spending the time and money to have the leak repaired before you experience structural damage. If old age has led to cracks in your pool liner, it is probably best to have it replaced. If you suspect a leak in your pool pipes, we can diagnose and repair that, as well. Thanks to our state-of-the-art leak detection equipment, we don’t have to dig up your yard to find small leaks!

Why Does Pool Liner Repair Matter?

Even the tiniest hole in your pool liner (as small as a pen point!) can cause hundreds if not thousands of liters of water to leak out of your pool every week. When you have a leak of this size, the pressure from all the water in your pool causes the leaking water to be forced through these small holes at a rapid rate. Not only will this significantly increase your water and chemical costs, but it can also result in structural damage to the pool itself if it’s not discovered and resolved.

What Services Does UV Pools Provide?

With our time-proven leak detection methods and high-tech electronic equipment, we can perform the following services:

If you suspect a pool leak, don’t hesitate another minute! Call us now for a quote.