Steps To Take When Preparing Your Pool For Summer

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There is nothing more exciting and refreshing on a hot summer day than taking a dip in a pool. No matter how old you are, a refreshing dip in the pool or nap in the sun can rejuvenate you and allow you to enjoy the nice hot summer heat.

With a pool children can splash and have fun and teenagers and adults can indulge in a light exercise activity and cool them off from the seemingly unforgiving summer rays. Even the elderly can join in as taking a dip in the pool a lot of the time helps to relax aching muscles, bones, and can even help with arthritis pain.

Especially living in Winnipeg, one of the sunniest cities in Canada, having and caring for a pool can be a lot more rewarding than a membership to a community pool.

Caring for your own pool can be hard work, but with hard work comes great reward in the fact that having a pool at home can offer you the privacy and control you need to make sure your summer experience is fun and exciting for your whole family and friends.

However, there are some steps to take before your pool is ready to wow everybody you invite over, so here are some tips for making your pool ready for summer.

Steps To Take When Preparing Your Pool For Summer

The Steps To Take When Preparing Your Pool For Summer

The first step you will take is adding the chemicals to your pool. This can all depend on how clean or dirty the pool is, which is usually determined by how well you have taken care of it over the past months.

If you have been taking good care of your pool and it is mostly clear, you may not need that many or that strong of chemicals to add at this point. However, you might need a big number of chemicals if your pool is dirty and or covered in algae.

The next step is to physically clean the pool. While the chemicals are cleaning the water, you need to use your scoop and get all debris and leaves out of your pool, then use a brush and clean the sides and any tile around your pool to make sure they are clean.

If you have kept up with the cleaning of your pool over the colder months, this step might not take so long. If not, it might take a while. Making sure your pool liners are clean is a good step to take as well.

The Steps To Take When Preparing Your Pool For Summer

Preparing Your Pool for Summer

The step after that is to check the pool pump, making sure to clean it if dirty and make sure its in working repair. If you are confused about this step, feel free to call a professional to help talk you through it.

Next, empty your skimmer box. The skimmer box is where debris collect while water is flowing so it doesn’t get in the pool. Cleaning this out regularly can make sure that water flows freely throughout the pool.

Lastly, you’ll want to test the pool water and salt levels to make sure they are at regular levels.

Once all this is done, congrats! Have fun with your ready to use pool and stay cool this summer!