Top Pool Dangers

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As enjoyable and relaxing as swimming pools are, they may be a dangerous place. Inexperienced swimmers, or even strong swimmers who are horsing around easily can discover themselves in serious harm if they are not careful in the pool. However, do you know which portion of your swimming pool might be the most harmful for your family members?

Pool safety ought to be your main priority. Below, the retractable pool covers specialists of UV Pools lists some of the common pool dangers you will come across in residential swimming pools. Take a look — and check if the pool is guilty of the following possible hazards.

Open Swimming Pool Without A Barrier

One of the main dangers to pools, particularly for young kids, is when they are left easily accessible without any supervision. A swimming pool barrier like a pool net, pool fence, or swimming pool cover is a requirement that is enforced by every U.S. state. Make sure that your swimming pool is fitted with one and teach the kiddies from a young age that it is there for their own safety.

Electrical Elements

The majority of pools have electric pumps, lights, and other elements that keep the water filtered and heated. However, those electric elements may spell serious danger if they are not installed or operated correctly in the pool. This should not be shocking to anyone — it isn’t any secret that water and electricity are an extremely dangerous combo!

Stairs, Ladders, and Decks

If you did a ton of swimming when you were young, you likely recall hearing your parents screaming out that annoying phrase: “No running on the pool deck!” While your parent’s words were the bane of many a thrilled swimmer’s existence, they were extremely important; swimming pool decks oftentimes become slippery with algae and water, which vastly raises your risk of falling.

Likewise, pool ladders and steps may become slick with algae after months of sitting inside the water. It may lead to skinned knees, slips, head injuries, and several other pool dangers. Routine cleaning, as well as algae control chemistry will assist in preventing these injuries and dangers.

In order to keep your deck from becoming a slippery mess, it is better to power wash your deck one time a year. It’s also possible to add silica sand to the concrete sealant, which is going to make the deck more slip-resistant. As for the ladders and stairs, adding algaecide to the water ought to assist in preventing them from becoming too slick.

Drains, Pumps, and Skimmers

Pumps and skimmers are crucial parts of your swimming pool’s filtration system, as they’ll remove dirt and debris from the water. While it keeps the water clean, the suction-based components may present a huge danger to any children using your pool. As a matter of fact, some swimming pool pumps are powerful enough to hold a child underwater!

Unfortunately, neutralizing that pool danger is not as easy as some of the other ones. Swimming pool drains are essential; therefore, the best thing to do is utilize protective steps to keep youngsters away from them.