Spring is Coming, What to Do with the Pool You Didn’t Use in the Last Months

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The warm weather of spring is here and it’s time spend long weekends relaxing by the pool. Bask in the sunshine of the afternoon and cool off with a few splashes in the sparkling water. Springtime is one of the best chances you’ll have all year to enjoy those first moments with the pool opened. However, you’ll need to start getting the waters ready if you haven’t been using your pool for the last few months.

Most pool owners close up their backyard oasis during the winter months. This frequently means less maintenance when springtime arrives, but it still requires a lot of work. Removing the cover is the first opportunity you have to survey any damage that might have been done during the off-season.

The first step is to ensure that your cover is completely clear and clean before you remove it. Clean it and rinse it off before you put it away for the warmer weather. Taking steps to maintain the cover will save you more money when the snows come around again in a few months.

Once you can see the waters again, it’s time to get an idea of what needs to happen. Clean the pool thoroughly by removing any debris, clearing out the skimmers, and scrubbing the inside of the pool if you need to. This is also a great time to take care of any other poolside cleaning that needs to be done, such as pressure washing the deck and chairs.

A clean pool allows you to clearly see any areas that are going to need immediate repair. Are there tears in your liner? Take note of any potential leaks, breaks, or plumbing problems that you can see immediately with the pool. Getting them fixed early in the season saves you money and allows the pool company to take care of them promptly before they get busy with mid-season struggles.

Chances are that your water levels aren’t quite right after the pool took a vacation for the past few months. Add the water that it needs before you keep moving through the rest of the process of preparing the pool for springtime.

Finally, it’s time to balance your water chemistry. You should consider allowing a professional to test the water and help you determine what chemicals need to be added. Let the pool run for a full day with these water adjustments, if possible. This gives them plenty of time to circulate through the water and properly balance it before you dive right in.

Preparing your pool for the warmer weather can be a long task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. UV Pools has a family background of over 45 years building and repairing swimming pools in Winnipeg. We can help you with any pool repairs or maintenance you may need now that the warmer weather has arrived. Whether you need to fix a torn liner or balance the chemicals in your pool, our experts can give you the assistance you need.