Safety Pool Covers

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The Winnipeg pool safety cover is designed to protect your swimming pool and your family. When the pool safety cover is properly installed it will help prevent accidental intrusions by children, neighbors, and pets. The trampoline style covers will ensure that no one falls into the pool. The pool safety cover is actually designed for you to walk on.

The traditional use of a pool safety cover was to winterize a pool. It can also be used for situations where you want to restrict swimming pool access for security reasons, or you are away for a couple of weeks.

Safety Pool Covers

The mesh pool safety cover makes the pool a safe place for everyone all year long. The mesh cover supports thousands of pounds. It can be walked on by kids, adults, and pets.

Brass anchors and stainless-steel springs are used to anchor the covers securely. The brass anchors and stainless-steel springs are drilled directly into the concrete deck. The Winnipeg pool safety cover can be installed in 15 minutes by professionals.

Installation of the safety pool cover ensures that you no longer have to worry about a messy cleanup when spring arrives. The winter snow melts and filters through the mesh cover. Leaves and debris are left on top of the cover.

A pool that is covered in the fall will look neat and clean when spring arrives. This is such a welcome change when compared to the traditional tarp style blankets that were used to cover the pool.

Solid Pool Covers

Often described as safety covers, they are made of a solid material. They are called solid pool covers as they are helpful in creating a barrier between the pool and the surrounding environment.

When a solid pool cover is used in winter, the pool will stay safe from debris. Without organic debris or decomposing leaves, spring cleaning becomes a lot easy.

Brass anchors drilled directly into the concrete hold the solid pool safety covers in place. The anchors hold the pool covers tight. This provides space for a beautiful backyard all through winter.

The pool covers are available in many attractive colors. Match it with your backyard décor. The covers come with an awesome 15-year prorated warranty.

Retractable Automatic Pool Covers

Retractable automatic pool covers provide many benefits including safety and convenience. The retractable pool covers help pool owners save money on chemical and heating costs.

When the pool is sealed with the cover, debris stays out and the heat stays in. The pool cover can be effortlessly opened and closed with just the touch of a button.

One of the biggest benefits that automatic pool covers provide is to know that children are safe around the pool. It is easy to operate these covers without much of an effort.

The Winnipeg pool safety cover is available in different styles. This means the pool doesn’t have to be a rectangular shape for you to install an automatic pool cover. The automatic pool covers offer the best warranty.

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