Are Pool Covers Really Effective?

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You have been considering covering your pool during the off-season and maybe even when it isn’t currently in use. Investing in a pool cover sounds like a great idea, but is it really effective enough to warrant using one? Some families wonder whether a pool cover is really going to help keep their pool clean and prevent evaporation. After all, rolling out a manual pool cover can be a real chore so they want to be sure that it is worth it.

First, you have to decide what type of pool cover you plan to purchase. This can often determine the overall efficacy of the cover. Take a look at a few of the different options you might be able to choose from:

  • Plastic Sheet: You can purchase a thin plastic sheet straight from the home improvement store, but it isn’t likely to last you very long. These thin plastics aren’t designed specifically to cover your pool, and they will tear easily while you fix it over the pool.
  • Bubble Cover: These are sometimes referred to as solar covers because they have UV inhibitors in their thicker plastic.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is one of the heaviest and thickest pool covers you can purchase, allowing it to boast the longest lifespan. Some of these covers might also be insulated.

Unless you are running a heater, your swimming pool probably acquires most heat from the beaming rays of sunshine on its surface. This can make your pool extremely warm and uncomfortable on a hot summer day. It will be like taking a bath with all of your guests right in the middle of your backyard. A pool cover can help reduce the amount of heat that your swimming pool acquires in this manner.

The efficiency of your pool cover will depend on what type you purchased. A transparent pool cover will reduce the heat of your pool from the solar rays by roughly five to fifteen percent. An opaque pool cover has a much greater efficacy with a twenty to forty percent reduction.

While this is often the primary benefit of utilizing a pool cover, you can experience other excellent perks as well. The plastic or vinyl covering makes it more difficult for the water to evaporate. It most often returns back to the pool as condensation because it is trapped in by the pool cover. This prevents you from running fresh water out to your swimming pool several times each week.

Because the water is not evaporating and being replaced, the pool will also need less attention chemically. You will likely find that your pool remains chemically stable for far longer periods of time without the need for intervention.

Of course, you can also avoid daily cleaning by rolling out the pool cover to protect it from debris and dirt. Keep in mind that the thinner plastic pool cover might tear with exposure to heavy debris.

If you want the best quality pool safety cover, be sure to contact UV Pools today. We can help you to find a cover that will cut down the maintenance of your pool and make your yard a safer place.