What Signs Indicate You Need a Pool Liner Replacement?

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Replacing your pool liner is one of the most expensive aspects of upkeep for your swimming pool. The national average comes to approximately $2,000 to replace a vinyl liner, marking a significant chunk of change for most homeowners. It makes sense that you would want to wait until the last possible minute to consider replacing your pool liner with costs like these. Unfortunately, very few homeowners know what it looks like when their pool liner has reached the end of its lifespan.

What signs are indicating that you might need a pool liner replacement? Take a look at these most common indicators that a replacement is on the horizon.


When is the last time you had your pool liner replaced? Most liners will last approximately eight to twelve years before they start to show major signs of wear. Before you start to assess whether your pool liner needs to be replaced, you should consider how old it is. If you see any of the other signs on this list with an older liner, it is most likely time to look at a replacement.

Cracks and Other Signs of Deterioration

In order to keep your pool water balanced, you use a lot of chemicals over the years. These can combine with the rays from the sun and cause significant damage to the interior of your pool. The first sign of deterioration is usually cracks in the liners in multiple places. You can visibly see some of these cracks, but there could be others that are too small for your eye to see.

Find out if you have a major leak through these cracks by keeping a close eye on your water level. Water that drops at least one inch means that you have several cracks that need to be repaired. When you have too many instances of cracks, it is best just to replace the entire pool liner.

Stretched-Out Liner

Does your pool liner feel like it has a lot more give than it usually does? Over time, the liner can stretch beyond its original shape and size. This could cause wrinkles in the walls or floor of the pool, the top edge might come loose, or the entire liner might just feel looser than usual. Once the shape and integrity of the pool liner are gone, you need to purchase a replacement.

Fading and Stains

The color and intensity of your pool liner are likely to fade over time, no matter how resistant it is marketed to be. When this staining and fading becomes significant, you should consider it to be an indicator that your pool liner needs to be replaced. It will likely begin to turn brittle, causing cracks and further deterioration in the months to come.

When you think your pool liner needs to be replaced, it’s time to give the leading pools renovation company a call! UV Pools has performed more than 800 replacements with a seven-year guarantee. Be sure to contact us today to see how we can help you enjoy your pool more this season!