Dangers of Neglecting Pool Service

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As with any other investment, you must maintain it in order to keep it looking good and working well. For instance, your vehicle will not work correctly without routine maintenance and oil changes. And going multiple months without washing it will make your vehicle look unsightly.

It is the same way with your pool. You must take care of it on a consistent basis.

The Pool Turns Green

If you neglect the pool for two weeks, it’ll change color. Your once sparkling, gorgeous, blue pool is going to turn a nasty green color.

It is worsened by inclement weather. If there is a lot of rainfall, the pool will turn green in as little as one to two days. Lastly, with an incorrect chemical balance, the pool will turn green in merely a few days.

What causes that color? Algae. You can read more about what algae is and how it affects your pool here.

Swimming Pool Repairs Become Pricier

The longer a problem sits untreated in the pool, the worse it’ll get.

And with that, the price of repair goes up, as well, as the pool repair becomes more complicated and intensive depending upon the severity of the issue.

If you do not take care of your swimming pool water, you’ll actually damage the pool liner. Not maintaining correct water balance will lead to your swimming pool liner cracking. High acidity will cause pitting, etching, and delaminating in fiberglass swimming pools. Metal parts such as ladders and screws will become corroded. Lastly, it even can crack the pool tiles.

In order to prevent this, you ought to routinely clean the skimmer basket out in your pool pump for correct circulation. You also should consistently check the pool’s levels of:

  • TDS
  • Chlorine
  • Alkalinity
  • pH

Your Swimming Pool’s Lifespan Is Slashed in Half

That is right – not correctly maintaining the pool will cut your pool’s lifespan in half.  Additionally, if you ignore the pool and NEVER maintain it, you’ll cut the pool’s lifespan down to 1/4.

A swimming pool is a huge investment – and you ought to ensure it’s cared for. It is cheaper to maintain a good swimming pool than it is to restore a swimming pool which was ignored for months.

Therefore, make sure you are prioritizing pool service, and keep the pool at its best.

Staining, Etching, and Chipping

When you do not correctly balance the pool’s water chemistry, it’ll cause a lot of damage. The most common damages include:

  • staining
  • etching
  • chipping

Etching occurs as the water chemistry is off, and something scratches or scrapes the inside or bottom edge of the pool. Usually, the pool finish would protect itself; however, with the chemistry off, the pool’s defenses are down. Therefore, you’ll have a damaged swimming pool finish.

Refinishing a swimming pool may get expensive. Avoid spending a lot of money for refinishing by correctly caring for your swimming pool finish today.

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