Top Pool Apps

UV PoolsPool Maintenance

A swimming pool app which makes pool chemistry and maintenance easier to balance and monitor is worth its weight in gold. All pool owners would like to spend less time maintaining their pool and more time appreciating it. With a pool app which makes the time-consuming task of balancing pool chemistry, as well as adding chemicals easier, you cannot go wrong.  Here the pool liner repair services of UV Pools shares the top 7 pool apps.   

  1. Pool Pal

This app is free and supports multiple and single pools; therefore, it is perfect for residential swimming pool owners and professional service businesses which want to simplify chemistry. This swimming pool calculator is user friendly and works with any kind of pool, which includes salt water systems.  

  1.  Pool Care

This app is free and is a full chemistry calculator pool app which has everything you could ever want. It’s possible to set timers that remind you to clean filters, perform pool tests, or conduct backwashes and set several profiles if you’re maintaining more than one swimming pool. Again, it is a free app unless you wish to remove the advertisements.

  1.  Pool Doctor

This app is free and is a pool app that is used by home owners and professionals worldwide and is one of the top chemistry apps out there. It’s possible to input levels such as free chlorine, pH, salt, and alkalinity etc. and it’ll inform you how much chemical you have to add to bring it back into balance.

  1.  AquaChek Smart

The app is free and requires AquaChek Smart Application Test Strips and is a spa and pool app which makes chemistry simple with easy test strips. You just dip a strip and it’ll give four diffrent reaction readings you input inside the chemistry calculator. Also, it has a water volume calculator, test history, and easy to read, large scrolling color bar.

  1.  Pool Calculator

This app costs $3.99 and is an excellent app if you’re really exact in formulating the chemistry in your pool. It’ll do everything for you merely by filling in the blanks. The app has been in existence for years and if you’re searching for a basic calculator Pool Calculator is going to do the trick.

Swimming Pool Management Apps

Remote swimming pool management systems are bringing state-of-the-art technology to residential swimming pool owners at a reasonable price. The wireless abilities of these user-friendly programs make them worth your consideration if pool automation is your goal. The following apps are made to bring each function of your control center and place them in the palm of your hand, which includes pump operations, sanitation, lighting and much more.

  1.  Pentair ScreenLogic

This app is free and requires EasyTouch PL4 and PSL4, EasyTouch, or Pentair IntelliTouch Controlller and is a cutting edge interface for spas and pools. It’s the only app that is compatible with the Apple Watch in order for you to view and control your pool details from your wrist, which makes it really state-of-the-art in the app world.

  1.  Zodiac iAquaLink

This app is free and is going to require iQPUMP01 or Zodiac AquaLink Controller and is a remote swimming pool app which allows wireless control of any AquaLink swimming pool automation system or Jandy web-connect device iQPUMP01 that is connected to a Jandy variable-speed pump. It’ll offer users intelligent pool control anywhere and anytime whether you’re on the golf course, on vacation, or at work.