Tips to keep your pool water crisp and clear

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Through proper attention and care your pool water can be crisp, clear and healthy. When you apply useful tips and use the correct products, your neighbors and friends will always be envious of your sparkling clean pool water.
Regular maintenance is the key to a clean pool and crisp clear water. Following a strict maintenance routine will prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime. The period between cleaning and treatment cycles should not take too long otherwise the process will be much more cumbersome and time consuming with outcomes that do not meet expectations.

  • Cleaning the pool bottom with Automatic Pool Cleaners

The automatic pool cleaner is the best pool cleaning equipment. It is available in three different types to select from including the pressure-side, the suction-side and robotic. Among the three types the robotic pool cleaner is the obvious winner for most pool owners in Winnipeg. It is powered using electricity, allowing you to clean the pool without running the filter. It cleans up dirt and debris on the pool bottom using the power of suction instead of water pressure.

  • Cleaning Dirt and Debris from the water surface

Pick up debris such as leaves and insects from the surface of the water using a skimmer fitted with a telescopic handle. This will prevent the filter from clogging and eventually damaging the pump.

  • Eliminating Algae

When your pool water starts to turn to green or the walls and surfaces appear slippery and slimy, this most probably is algae. Algae is harmful to health of swimmers and should be treated immediately it begins to appear. Kill and control the growth of algae using shock. Algaecide is for maintenance, not getting rid of an algae bloom.

  • Pool Liner Care

Clean the pool liner while water level is low at the start of the season by cleaning dirt and the “bath tub ring”  using a vinyl liner cleaner. Remember that sharp objects can tear the liner and should be avoided. Keep away from harsh cleaners as well.

It is important to clean the pool filter regularly because it is an essential part of the filtration system. This will ensure the pool water remains clean and the pool equipment performs efficiently. Regardless of the type of pool filter whether it is a cartridge, sand or DE filter, regular backwashing and cleaning will prevent poor filtration, cloudy water and costly pool repairs.

  • Balancing water pH level

Get a water testing kit and analyze the pH level of the water in your pool. This is important not only to prevent the growth of algae but also safeguard the health of swimmers. The outcome of the test will help you determine whether the pool water is ‘pH balanced’. The eye pH level is about 7.3, this is ideal level for a pH balanced pool water. Remember low pH water level can be corrosive to the pool surface. An expert can help you analyze a sample of water from your pool.

  • Sanitizing the Water

Sanitize your pool water by adding stabilized chlorine products or bromine tablets to your pool water to kill bacteria. This will help keep your pool water clean and clear.

Prevent the growth of algae in your pool by regularly sanitizing the water using an algaecide. A pool expert will help you determine the most suitable pool sanitization method.

  • Cloudy water

This is a common pool problem that is caused by numerous factors such as poor filtration, pH imbalance or insufficient chlorine levels in the pool water. A pool professional can inspect the pool and determine the best solution to clear up the pool water.