What You Need to Remember When Preparing Your Pool for Summer

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Summer is fast approaching, and it will soon be time to enjoy the few months when the sun is at its brightest, and the weather is at it’s finest. What better place to do this than at your very own backyard pool. However, before you open the cover and jump in, there’re a few things you’ll need to work on when preparing your pool for summer.

If you closed the pool during winter and spring, you’ve got a lot work ahead of you. Exactly how much work will depend on how you closed the pool for winter.

Tips When Preparing Your Pool for Summer

If you closed the pool properly and left a reasonable amount of water with chemicals to prevent it from freezing over, then there shouldn’t be much damage. Remember if you left it with a cover, then you won’t have to worry about cleaning out debris.

If you’re scratching your head right now because you didn’t do any of the above, then there’s a chance that you’ll need to have some repairs done and a lot of cleaning work before you can begin to enjoy your pool. There’s a good chance that the pool liners were damaged as a result of improper pool closing.

Pool Opening Instructions

The first thing to remember when preparing your pool for summer is to remove debris from the pool if any. Once you’ve made sure that all the debris from the pool has been removed, you can begin vacuuming the bottom.

You’ll then need to work on getting the filters ready. Remember that D.E. filters need to be cleaned thoroughly, which means you’ll need to take it apart. The sand in a sand filter also needs to be washed prior to normal operations. To do this, make sure that it’s set to backwash until the filter is clean. Don’t forget to set it back to normal after the process.

It will take a few days or even weeks to clean the water thoroughly. During this time, you’ll likely be replacing filters or cleaning them out if the pool is filthy.

How to Treat Pool Water for the First Time

When you’re cleaning the water, you’ll need to add some chlorine. The amount of chemicals you’ll need will depend on the size of the pool. Your pool experts can provide you with the right chemicals and let you know the precise amount you should use.

It will take a good amount of time to clean the water sufficiently, so make sure that nothing gets in the water while you’re doing this.

Once the water is clear enough, take a sample of the water for testing. This will tell you if you need to add more chemicals to get the water to a safe level.

When Preparing Your Pool for Summer Don't Foget These Tips

Consider Contracting a Pool Opening Service

Keep in mind that preparing your pool for summer takes a lot of hard work, so if you’re worried that you don’t have the necessary skills or time to open the pool properly, you’ll need to consider contracting a pool opening service provider. They’ll do all the work described above and inspect the pool thoroughly so that you, your family, and friends can enjoy it throughout the summer.


Even if you closed the pool properly for winter, preparing your pool for summer can still be difficult. However, it’s important that you make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly and in perfect condition before using it. If you can’t guarantee its safety, then it would be best to ask for professional help rather than risking the health of your family.