Need Help Troubleshooting Chemical Odors from My Pool

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Have you ever been to the pool during the summer only to be hit with the overwhelming chemical odor? This smell can easily assault your nostrils and cause you to spend less time enjoying your backyard oasis. Most people believe that the smell is related to high chlorine levels in the water, while others believe that it is perfectly normal. Unfortunately, the smell isn’t coming from the chlorine in your water. If you’re used to maintaining a pool, you probably already know that your water should never have a strong odor like this. What could be causing it?

The most likely culprit for your strong chemical odor is chloramine, a chemical irritant that forms when the chlorine in the water interacts with other liquids. It could be caused by urine and feces in the water, particularly from small children who are swimming. However, it can also be caused by having too much sweat on your skin or dirt floating around in the pool. These items can all cause the chloramines to develop.

Long-term, you need to find a solution to your chloramine problem. Exposure to this chemical irritant can cause respiratory problems, skin issues, and even digestive problems. The list of potential consequences for being exposed to high levels of chloramine is rather lengthy. Now, you need to figure out how to eliminate this substance from your swimming pool.

Eliminate Chloramine

One of the simplest ways to eliminate the amount of chloramine in the water is to add extra chlorine to the water. Shocking the pool with excess chlorine for a few hours should be enough to rid your pool of the chemical odor and cause. Remember that you will want to do this on a day where you are not planning to use the pool for a few hours. Swimmers should avoid spending time in a pool with this high level of chlorine present.

Preventing Chloramine

Once you have the problem under control with chlorine, you need to maintain your clean waters. Prevention is going to be the key to keeping chloramine at bay. The first thing you can do is have everyone rinse off before they enter the pool. This eliminates the sweat and dirt from the body that can interact with the waters. Try to avoid using creams and oils before you get in the water as well.

If you have small children around your swimming pool, take them for more frequent bathroom breaks. This can eliminate the amount of urine in the pool that contributes to the formation of chloramines. Consider setting a regular alarm to take children to the bathroom every hour, helping to prevent some of the accidents you will encounter.  

When you need help managing your pool, contact UV Pools for assistance! We have a background of over 45 years building and repairing swimming pools, and we can definitely help you too. Give us a call if you need help repairing your pool or troubleshooting a pesky odor in your waters this summer!