Maintenance Tips For Your Pool Heaters

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When it comes to a hot summer day, nothing beats taking a dip in a relaxing pool.

Whether you choose to swim laps for fitness reasons, want to just splash around with your friends, or just feel like laying back on a pool float and relaxing on top of the water, there’s no arguing that getting wet and having fun in the pool is one of the best benefits of the heat and sunniness of the summer months.

However, public pools get crowded easily, and can be unsanitary unless cleaned regularly.

Owning your own pool can be an amazing and rewarding experience that can mean your summer can be on your terms. No more only swimming when the pool is open and paying for a membership fee, with a pool in your yard you can enjoy the summer from the comfort of your own back yard, inviting all your friends and family over for fun summer bonanzas.

Midnight swim? Morning laps? All of this is possible with your own personal pool that you can do with as you please, since you don’t have to answer to anyone at all about it.

How To Care For Your Pool Heaters

How To Care For Your Pool Heaters

There are, however, drawbacks to having your own pool. Pools are hard to maintain, and keeping them in shape and up on chemicals and clean can be costly and expensive.

However, below we have collected some tips for you to help keep your pool heater nice and working, so your pool can be nice and warm, meaning you can swim well after the summer season is over, as your pool will be warm and not too cold for you to swim in.

Because of the warmth of your heater, the gas or propane tanks used to fuel your heater is an easy and much loved space for spiders and other insects to call their home in the cold months. This may not seem like too big of an issue, but it could easily fuel an infestation of spiders and bugs to your yard, meaning a less friendly time outside.

One major way to keep your heater maintained is simply to routinely go and clean out the spiderwebs.

Another major thing to keep in mind is if you are using a gas powered heater, make sure you are checking the gas supply regularly so that way your heater doesn’t go out suddenly. Keep a backup propane or gas tank on hand just in case.

Electric heaters are becoming a favorite nowadays, but they still have drawbacks. Sometimes minerals from the outside will collect on the heater, which needs to be brushed off to ensure that your heater won’t stop working.

How to Hire the Best Pool Repair and Maintenance Services near You

How to Hire the Best Pool Repair and Maintenance Services near You

So if you’re the lucky owner of a pool and a heater for said pool, please keep in mind that you need to maintain it and the heater as well as you would any other big purchase. And as always, if you have any questions please visit our website or call us and we can address your problems in a professional and prompt manner.