Everything You Need To Know About Solar Pool Covers

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Winter is still freezing everybody and the snow blankets the street, your roof, lawn and even your swimming pool. Your swimming pool is not available after winter? That’s very frustrating especially if you are not like those adventurous junkies, who would do anything for fun, and excitement.

You can’t swim in your favorite pool for the rest of the winter.

However, there are ways to enjoy a good swim with family and friends. There are various pool heaters you can trust during these cold days. But, what if you ran out of gas or, energy? You won’t be able to use those pool equipment. Winter or not you can benefit from this cover.

I Bought A Solar Pool Cover, And Why You Should Buy Too

Solar Pool Cover for You

Use a good solar pool cover. If you use this equipment you’ll have more time enjoying the warm water. And, because it’s solar powered, you don’t need any electricity which we all know are very costly.

The solar pool cover system allows the transfer of energy from the sun. The energy will directly keep the water warm. But, the source of the energy from the sun depends on where you live. You must have a place where the sun can directly hit the pool covers.

Dual Function of Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover has a dual purpose. This is the reason why lots of pool owners are buying the product. It’s practical, and it saves them a lot of money.

It keeps your pool from dirt. The main purpose of pool cover is to keep all the dirt to get into the pool. It’s very tedious and arduous to clean a dirty pool, that’s why pool covers are invented.

It keeps your pool warm. You can enjoy the warm water which is caused by the solar pool cover. And, it will prevent the water from evaporating.

Selecting the Right Solar Pool Covers

Bubble solar pool covers – Any solar pool covers are great shields of the pool from the scorching heat of the sun that caused evaporation. Bubble solar pool cover is 95% effective evaporation-free.

The wide range thermal cover acts like a greenhouse, it traps the heat from the sun and, keeps the moisture which can easily be evaporated.

Sun rings solar pool cover – This type of solar pool cover is lightweight and can help in reducing evaporation. It has a double layer material which is efficient in resisting UV rays and heating up your pool.

The sun rings can be bought individually, so whether you have a small or large pool you can easily cover it with these durable rings. In addition, you can easily keep the rings in your storage. And, they are easily attached with each other, because of its magnetic sides.

Liquid solar pool covers – This pool cover is completely invisible. It’s terrific for those who are lazy to pull and store away covers. If you think this chemical is best for you, grab it. Although this chemical can only give you 45% protection from water evaporation, it will still give you convenience.

I Bought A Solar Pool Cover, And Why You Should Buy Too

Get a Solar Pool Cover Today

You have seen in your pool why you need to get that solar pool cover today. Don’t wait for the time that you will suffer from high-cost water refilling because the water is evaporating really fast. There is also a need when colder days are approaching.

At UV Pools you can get the best solar pool covers and at the same time you are given a great service.