Why Is Backwashing Important to Pool Owners

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The moment that you decided to build a swimming pool in your house, you are aware of the challenging tasks that it brings. A variety of maintenance processes must be applied to keep your swimming pool functional and tidy. Aside from maintaining the right levels of water chemistry, it is crucial that your pool is in good condition to work properly.

A swimming pool’s filter system is important to maintain its overall cleanliness and function. With regular backwashing, dirt and contaminants are removed making your pool a refreshing one for sessions of relaxing swimmings. Learn more about backwashing and why is backwashing important for your pool.

Why Is Backwashing Important to Pool Owners

Why Is Backwashing Important?

The purpose of backwashing is to keep your pool clean and functional as these pool values are required to meet its standard of cleanliness. After all, a dirty pool is not desirable and will be completely rejected for use by swimmers. Not to forget that a cloudy pool poses dangers as its bottom cannot be clearly seen hence a swimmer’s safety can be at risk.

As backwashing process equates proper filtration, it aims to keep up with excellent quality of a pool water. Note that filtration prevents water-borne diseases caused by cysts and bacteria. More so, backwashing is an easy and simple habit that will save you time and money.

Backwashing Process

It is notable that the backwashing process is an easy feat. As you make it a habit, you’ll be amazed of the many benefits that it will give you and your pool. Here are the easy steps in backwashing your pool:

To start with, turn off the pump and set the control valve to its “backwash” position. Next, power on the pump for 2 to 4 minutes and allow it to run until you see that that wastewater is clear. Turn off the pump and position the control valve to its “rinse” setting.

Turn on the pump again and set the valve to “filter” position. By powering the pump back on, the filter cycle gets back to work again.

How Often Should I Backwash My Pool?

Another purpose of backwashing is not to overdo the process. “How often should I backwash my pool?” is a relevant question that needs an insightful advice. As a rule of thumb, you should backwash and rinse your swimming pool’s filter once a week. Note that the best time to backwash is right after you have vacuumed the swimming pool.

Frequent backwashing of your pool is necessary when your pool has collected a sizable amount of dirt, debris and other contaminants. Birds, trees and construction sites near your area make your pool prone to regular dirt hence backwashing three times a week is practical. Also, when your pool filter system pressure gauge shows 80 Kpa, it’s telling you that it needs backwash.

Why Is Backwashing Important

Is Backwash Water Dangerous?

Backwash water is not dangerous. However, its safety depends on the area where you pump it. Pool water with excessive level of chlorine is hazardous to plants and water creatures.

Note that there should be a specific drain for your discharge water; one that’s approved by your local government. This way, flooding or erosion can be avoided especially to your neighborhood.