Types of Swimming Pool Heaters

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You might not realize it but swimming pool heaters define your pool project by adding value to it. You might be living in a colder climate where your desired swimming temperature is not naturally possible. You might have loved ones and friends that do not want to take a dip in cold waters.

These crucial factors can lead you to have an essential pool heater that would suit your preferences. We rounded up the common types of swimming pool heaters and the advantages that they offer. Whether you want to use your pool for recreational activities or therapy, these pool heaters got you covered.
Solar Pool Heaters

Solar pool heaters are popular for recreational use and are encouraged for pool users who prefer pool temperatures that range from the low to mid 80 degrees F. Solar heaters collect the sun’s heat which is then maximized when the pool pump circulates the pool water through the solar heater. Solar heaters work best during the daytime when sunlight is in its peak hours.

Solar pool heaters are easy on the budget as you don’t need fuel in running the pump. The use of solar heaters is friendly to the environment as such equipment does not cause air pollution. Interestingly, solar heaters have a lifespan of 1 to 2 decades.

Types of Swimming Pool Heaters

2 Types of Swimming Pool Heaters

Heat Pump Pool Heaters

Heat pump pool heaters are recommended for those who are comfortable swimming regardless of the weather condition. Heat pumps make a popular choice for therapy of athletes and sports trainers. They also make a feasible alternative when a solar heater is not possible in your house.

Just like solar pool heaters, heat pump pool heaters are environmentally friendly. They both use renewable energy and do not produce air pollutants. Heat pump heaters are flexible as you can adjust your desired level of water temperature.

With heat pumps, you are assured of fast and efficient pool heating process. They transfer heat from one place to another through electricity and are consistent in providing a pool water temperature that you can enjoy.

Gas Pool Heaters

Gas pool heaters are ideal if you want a quick pool heating process. They are reliable when you have surprise visits from relatives or if you have a rest house where the pool is not heated regularly. Despite being huge, gas pool heaters can easily maintain your desired temperature no matter the weather.

With a gas pool heater, your dream of bringing a spa in your house is possible. It also works as a suitable heater for a spa. Indeed, gas pool heaters are therapeutic and allow you to rejuvenate in the comfort of your house.

2 Types of Swimming Pool Heaters

Health Benefits of Swimming Pool Heaters

Swimming is considered as one of the best cardiovascular exercises. An adequately heated swimming pool can engage extended swimming hours which is good for the health. A heated pool relaxes the lungs and prevents respiratory infections especially with children.

A lot of physical therapy patients are utilizing the natural benefits of a heated pool to help them regain their normal body function. With a heated pool, you get to relax and restore your body’s energy.