Should you Repair your Pool Pump Motor?

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As it’ll come to a broken pool pump motor, the swimming pool owner is faced with the question of whether he should replace or repair.

Is the motor under warranty?

The first thing you should check is if it still is under warranty.  For a pool pump that still has its original motor, you’d call the manufacturer of the whole pump.  If you already have replaced your motor before, you’d call the motor’s manufacturer.  As most motor and pump warranties are just one year, you may be out of luck, yet it is worth double checking the purchase date.

Assuming you’re out of warranty, you have a choice to make. Generally, a replacement motor will cost you around $150 to $300 depending upon its horsepower.  Add an additional $15 to $30 for the absolutely non-negotiable, necessary, new shaft seal.  Are you able to repair it instead for less?  It’s likely.  Is it worth it?  Perhaps.

Here is the deal with fixing pool motors.  You must first find the actual problem.  Is it an electrical short, the bearings, or the capacitor?  If you are handy and mechanical and know your way around the pool pump, it might be pretty simple to diagnose the problem and even fix it yourself.

If you are none of the above, you’ll have to get a technician to come and check it out. In addition, you must locate a repair person you trust so it’s possible to be confident the actual problem is being addressed.  UV Pools is the place to call! Call us today at (204) 414-1200.

What is the motor’s age?

One other thing you should weigh is the motor’s age and if it is worth putting any money into it.  Age is relative to your location.  A pump that runs 365 days per year in hotter climates will be “older” than the exact same pump with the precise same installation date in a cooler area in which pools are closed the majority of the time.  Therefore, if it is over 2 to 3 years old within the Sun Belt or 5 to 6 years up north, more than likely it won’t pay to fix it.  Most motors last less than five years; the last thing you’ll want is to put $100 worth of repairs into the motor which was destined to fall apart in six months anyway.  Also, none of the replacement parts are going to carry a warranty, whereby a whole new motor will.

When is it time to call in the experts?

Particularly with internet motor prices being more competitive nowadays, it definitely is worth a couple of searches and calls to compare costs for replacement versus repair. If you are in the middle of a replace/ repair debate and need one of our technicians to chime in, feel free to get in touch with us immediately at (204) 414-1200.

For more information on our pool pump repair services please feel free to get in touch with UV Pools right away!