Troubleshooting a Pool Pump

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It does not matter how well you care for your swimming pool; you might have to occasionally troubleshoot your pool pump or additional parts. Things will happen, yet if you’re prepared for them as they arise, you won’t be upset like an unprepared pool owner. Let us share some troubleshooting tips in the instance your pool pump begins to give you problems.

Pool Pump Leaking Issue

You’ll find the water leaking from the pool pump will be one of the most typical issues you will come across. The majority of times it’s caused by a poor impeller o-ring, poor thread sealant, poor shaft seal or shrunken threads upon its discharge pipe. Usually, these parts may be purchased, as well as replaced inexpensively and easily. Identify the leaky part, take your system apart, replace it, then you are good to go.

Pool Pump Does Not Pull Water

If the pool pump isn’t pulling water through its system like it ought to, the water won’t get to the filter and properly travel through the system. The majority of the time it’s caused by a clog within the system because something is keeping the water flow from getting to the pump as it’s meant to. Check the pump baskets and skimmer to make sure nothing is clogging your system and blocking the water flow to the pump. After examining them, you must check your pump impeller, as occasionally they may also become clogged. Open up your pump and clear any debris. One other thing you might want to check might be an air leak within your suction line. Air will have less mass, as compared with water; therefore, that means the pump is going to suck air instead of water if there’s a hole. Check all lines for leaks then patch whichever ones you can see.

Pool Pump Motor Not Turning Off or Starting

Heat or electrical problems typically cause the motor to not turn on whatsoever or to just turn on for a couple of minutes. If your motor will not turn on, look at the breaker to be certain that power is flowing as it should. If the power is normally flowing and still will not turn on, odds are that there’s an electrical issue. You may wish to contact an electrician. If you’re handling a motor which turns off after a while, it might be because of heat. Motors easily heat up and it might be overheating if the temperature outside is hot. There are vents that surround the motor, but you must ensure that they aren’t clogged and preventing a flow of air. Clear up the clogs you may find then you’ll probably be good. To assist in keeping your pool pump from overheating, place it inside the shade.

Keeping your pump correctly functioning does not need to be your responsibility. If you wish to turn it over to a pool pro, it may save you energy, effort, and time.

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