You’re Losing The Fun Without Pool Slides

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Owning a pool is an amazing thing. Not only are you able to host amazing pool parties in the comfort of your own home, but you can enjoy your pool for free all summer long with you and your family without the worry of having to pay or deal with other people.

If you wanted to customize your pool to suit your needs, by adding a diving board, a slide, side Jacuzzi, or whatever you may dream where you can enjoy your pool on your own way, without rules from a lifeguard. Entertain your friends and family all season with an amazing pool in the comfort of your own backyard.

A slide is a great fun addition to a pool. You can easily track your kids because they will bring along their friends with them and have fun your pool. This can also build lasting friendships among them as well as to collect good memories.

You’re Losing The Fun Without Pool Slides

What Kind of Pool Slides Do You Need?

Before you rush out and buy a pool slide, you will want to do a little research. There are basically 3 different slide categories, based on how they are attached to the deck. Check the footprint of the slide you are interested in.

Straight Leg pool slides are the first group. This includes the City II, White Water, and the Wild Ride slides. These slides have an open or closed stairway. If you have small children the closed stairway would be much safer.

Molded Slide Legs are another group. These slides would be the 8′ tall Turbo Twister, Typhoon and the Cyclone. The Cyclone comes in the right turn only while the Twister and Typhoon have left or right turns. These slides have enclosed stairways, rather than the traditional open ladder, which is generally safer for kids.

Elephant Leg slides are what I call the third group of pool slides. This would include the G-Force and the X-stream slides. The G-Force has a circular 360-degree design while the X-stream comes in Left or Right turn.

Who Is the Best When It Comes to Poll Repairs or Slide Installation?

UV Pools is a leading Winnipeg pool company that specializes in pool renovations, pool liner replacements, and pool repairs. UV Pools is a leading local Winnipeg pool company, owned and operated by Dale Kreviazuk.

Dale is the eldest son of Sam Kreviazuk, one of the founding partners of Krevco Pools & Spas in 1980, providing a family background of over 45 years building and repairing swimming pools within Manitoba.

Chances are if you’re the owner of an in-ground swimming pool in Winnipeg, Kreviazuk had a hand in its installation or repair.
As one of the most trusted pool companies within Winnipeg, we strive to provide quality pool repair and renovation services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose UV Pools?

At UV pools, they want to help you love your pool again. Whether you use your pool for everyday fun or relaxing in the sun, they take the stress out of your pool renovations every step of the way.

Taking on a pool renovation project can be demanding. Their knowledgeable industry experts help you repair your swimming pool, replace damaged or faulty pool liners, and install safety covers, providing you with a safe pool to enjoy all summer long.

Falling in love with your pool means falling in love with its appearance, as well. No matter if you want to give your pool a facelift, or transform the entire appearance of your backyard, the UV Pools team can get the job done.

 Get the Best Pool Slide from the Best Winnipeg Pool Company

UV Pools?

Don’t hesitate to take your pool to another level. Make your kids happy by installing pool slides. They will love it and they will feel the excitement of being at the pool. Call them NOW and have your pool slide installed. 204-414-1200