How to Pick the Best Type of Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Automatic pool cleaners deal with a day-to-day cleaning task which you otherwise would have to do by hand. Therefore, including one in your pool should be a no-brainer. However, what type of swimming pool cleaner will be suitable for your backyard and pool?   The swimming pool contractors of UV Pools takes a look into the two main categories of this swimming pool technology.

Suction swimming pool cleaners

How do they work?

Suction pool cleaners work like household vacuum cleaners—except they’ll move throughout your pool all by themselves doing their cleaning.

Powered by a pool pump, the pool cleaner rolls around on the pool’s walls and floors gathering debris and dirt. A hose from the cleaner hooks inside a dedicated cleaner line—a unique fitting in the swimming pool wall which goes to a plumbing line which leads to the swimming pool equipment.

All captured matter travels through a cleaner hose and inside the wall fitting; it then is sent out of the swimming pool structure to the filtration system and pump basket for final extraction.

Where do they work the best?

Such cleaners are perfect for backyards that have a lot of dust, dirt, pollen, and silt in the air. They’ll offer an excellent choice for semi-arid areas, deserts, and regions that have minimal quantities of bigger organic material—like leaves—going into the swimming pool.

Pressure swimming pool cleaners

How do they work?

With its wheels, filter bag, and sweep hose, the cleaners are especially efficient for clearing out mid-to-large-size debris which likely would clog the majority of suction cleaners.

Similar to their suction counterparts, pressure pool cleaners connect with a dedicated cleaner line inside the pool. The venturi jet intake action produces water pressure which propels them around your pool.

Unlike suction units, all trapped material goes inside a storage compartment or bag attached to the cleaner. As it fills with debris, you’ll just have to empty it out.

A thrust jet upon the cleaner’s back assists in propelling and directing its travel. Like the exhaust in an automobile, the thrust jet involves the exit point of water which has gone through the pool cleaner system. It’ll funnel through a series of gears and ports which drive the cleaner around your pool.

As it rolls around your pool, the venturi is the port upon the cleaner’s bottom in which debris is vacuumed into the debris compartment or bag.

The sweep hose that extends from the cleaner’s back, offers extra cleaning support. Its hose stirs the water up to push fine debris off of the floor and walls, where it’s directed inside the filter. An additional benefit is how it offers a small circulation increase—which moves freshly sanitized and filtered water around your pool.

A pressure unit is designed to switch its cleaning pattern up around your pool and remove itself from potential obstacles. To assist the cleaner in adjusting its course, an in-line backup valve inside the feed hose reverses the flow every couple of minutes.