Choosing the Best Swimming Pool Heaters

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Swimming pools are the best area in your house where you can relax with your family, play with your friends, and hold your pool party. But, when winter comes in, you can hardly use your pool for fun. This is the time to invest in pool heaters.

However, there are different kinds of pool heaters on the market today. Which do you think best suits your lifestyle and your pool? Here are the types of pool heaters that you can choose from. There’s solar heaters, gas pool heater, and gas pumps. Know what they are and later on, you can call us if you need to set up that pool heater in your pool.

Solar pool heaters are all do-it-yourself installation process

Solar Heaters

Solar pool heaters are both economical and eco-friendly. If you’re looking for a pool heater that will suit your lifestyle and your needs, you can install this type of pool heater. They are great for inground and above ground too.

What is more economic friendly is that you can install this all by yourself. Solar pool heaters are all do-it-yourself installation process. Just mount in the ground where there is direct sunlight and you’re ready to heat the pool. There’s also a solar blanket, where you can just float it on the pool.

Gas Pool Heaters

There are two types of gas heaters, the natural gas, and the propane gas. They are connected to the gas meter and runs on the LPG respectively. And, your local gas delivery service can refill that gas tank for you.

Gas pool heaters have two types: electronic heaters and millivolt heaters. Electric heaters use digital controls while millivolt requires a standing pilot. The most preferred gas heater is the millivolt system. Homeowners would prefer using the gas heater for their pool, because of its heating speed. It usually releases 1 degrees heat per hour compared to solar heaters which would only produce 5 degrees per day.

Heat Pumps

The third type of pool heaters is Heat Pumps, it doesn’t emit exhaust and it’s lower on operating cost compared to gas pool heaters. Heat pumps would require a 45 degrees air temperature to produce the heat. The only downside to a heat pump is the price because it is more expensive compared to the other pool heaters. However, if you count the whole expense, the heat pump would cost lesser than gas heaters.

You can also rely on the efficiency of heat pumps. It runs silently, though it needs a lot of power the result is outstanding if you want your pool to warm.

best pool heater that would suit your need

Which one would you choose?

You can choose the inexpensive one if you are thinking of your budget or you can choose for something expensive yet you will experience 97% efficiency for a pool heater. Think of the fun times you will experience while you are in the pool. Can you still do that if winter comes in?
Decide which one is the best pool heater that would suit your need. Call UVPools now, and we’ll do the service for you.