When Is the Best Time to Build a Swimming Pool?

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You might have fewer hassles and save more money if you install a pool in the fall season.

Most pool buyers believe that if they purchase a swimming pool in the spring, they might get a great deal.

And they might. But, the best pool installation deals are usually always in the fall, and not the summer or spring.

Here are seven reasons the best time to purchase a swimming pool is actually in the fall:

Most swimming pools are going to be on sale

Pool businesses always require fall work to keep their team busy. The first step to getting a pool is to check your options. 

Swimming pool fencing also might be on sale

It’ll give you time to check out many different kinds of fencing. In addition, the majority of permits allow you 6 – 12 months to finish the fence.

Typically, the ground is dry in autumn for pool work

It makes installation quicker. In addition, the equipment will not mess up your lawn as much because the excavation equipment, concrete, dump trucks, etc. will not sink down and cause huge ruts.

Off-season swimming pool installation is better for landscaping

Fall planting is the best for flower bulbs and trees, so they are prepared for growth as the weather breaks next spring. It also is a better time to lay new grass seed down in any spaces damaged or dug up while construction was going on.

You’ll have your swimming pool builder’s undivided attention

Swimming pool builders always attempt to be available as a customer has a concern or question. However, let’s be truthful: in the spring, if they have twenty pools under construction, they cannot be everywhere all of the time.

In autumn they aren’t as stressed out and there is a lighter workload.

There is time to plan for the upcoming swimming pool season

Every new swimming pool owner is always thrilled to have their first celebration and is disappointed as something slows the job down, like an inspection, rainy weather, the electrician, etc. However, if you install the swimming pool in autumn, you usually have 6 months or more to prepare for all of the holidays which come along in the spring. Also, if you need to add pool games or patio furniture, autumn is an excellent time to locate them on sale.

Beat swimming pool price increases before the following year

If a pool manufacturer plans to raise their price, they typically do it at the start of a new season. Plus, if you are financing the project, the interest rates might increase. Therefore, you’ll pay less than if you waited 6 months.

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