Keeping Bees Away from your Pool

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Having a pool in your backyard is like a water heaven to a bee. That should not be a reason you cannot have a good time in your own swimming pool because you are afraid to be stung by them. You ought to feel safe in your own backyard. Even though the bees might get annoying, UV Pools has solutions that help keep them away from the pool without harming them directly; bees are great for the environment. Typically, bees are easier to eliminate than wasps. Wasps are more stubborn and territorial.

Below, we list some options about keeping bees away from a pool:

Diesel Fuel

 It’s something which is interesting to wasps, for its strong smell. Setting bottles of diesel fuel up and away from your swimming pool; wasps become trapped inside the bottles. In addition, it is an excellent method of keeping them at bay.

Removal of bees

We recommend one way of keeping them away from your pool is taking away their nests all together, whether you opt to employ an exterminator or take things into your own hands, as well as purchase insecticide or just utilize a regular hose to knock the nests down.

Hang some mothballs

Bees despise the scent of mothballs. Put the mothballs inside some pantyhose then suspend them around your backyard oasis in order to repel bees.

Decoy Nests

Invest in a decoy nest and put it away from the pool and watch the bees transfer it over to their hives. A decoy nest gives them a different space to nest and a few decoy nests contain a sticky mixture which gradually destroys them.

Turn the pool jets on

One main problem they have is drowning as they’re searching for water. For that reason, they’ll do whatever possible to avoid any source of water which appears hazardous or turbulent. If you have pool jets, maximize on them. Adjust them to make the swimming pool’s surface hard to land on and shaky.

Raw Meat

Usually, wasps are more attracted to raw meat if you hang a tiny quantity of it over a bucket of water mixture with detergent; as they fall off the meat they’ll land inside the bucket and it’ll kill them.

Changing landscape

They do not like all plants. Lemongrass and mint plant bees hate and will completely avoid them. People find those plants pleasant to smell and they think they look amazing in any pool landscaping. They’re easy to look after and also assist in keeping bees away from your pool.

Get in touch with a beekeeper

If you notice a bee hive in the backyard, it is better to get in touch with a beekeeper. A beekeeper will take away the hive and bees safely then relocate them to another location.

Over time, UV Pools has helped homeowners keep bees away from their pools. We know numerous methods which make it simple for us to do it safely, both for you and for the bees themselves.

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