What Do you do if Somebody Urinates in the Pool?

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Owning a swimming pool is not all sunshine and rainbows all of the time. There are some classically dreaded things which happen as you have a pool, and none of them are more improperly handled or misunderstood than the overdone trope of urinating inside the pool. Whether it is a youngster who just could not hold it, or an athlete … Read More

How Do Pool Pump Motors Work?

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Determining which motor pump works best in your kind of pool is necessary. So the right pump functions correctly, you need to consider some factors to guarantee to get their maximum functionalities. The pump basically powers the impeller which makes the water move through it. It converts electrical to mechanical energy. The pump is located at a dry end portion … Read More

Three Pool Test Kits You Should Consider Buying

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If you want your pool-testing efficient and reliable, get the three types of pool test kits; the DPD (diethyl-p-phenylenediamine), OTO (orthotolidine) and the test strips. Each pool test kit will provide you a result for a specific type of elements. For instance, OTO will test the level of chlorine in your water, and so on. The quality of your pool … Read More

Beginners Guide to Pool Vacuum Hose

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It is so good to own a swimming pool at home. You can relax through swimming whenever you want to. But, would it still be relaxing to swim in dirty water? It is not, right? With that, there is a vacuum swimming pool to give you a clear and a clean water. You do not only need the right vacuum … Read More

Pros and Cons of Swimming Pool Covers

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Winter is creeping in Manitoba, and it’s negative 13 degrees Celsius. It is so cold that you wouldn’t want to make any activities outside. The freezing wind is even discouraging you to use the swimming pool. It is safer to stay indoors and spend more time to bond with the family. Aside from being safe inside the house, you can … Read More

Choosing the Best Swimming Pool Heaters

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Swimming pools are the best area in your house where you can relax with your family, play with your friends, and hold your pool party. But, when winter comes in, you can hardly use your pool for fun. This is the time to invest in pool heaters. However, there are different kinds of pool heaters on the market today. Which … Read More

3 Interesting Facts About Pool Liners

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Swimming pool liners are one of the things that make your pool look great. The good news is you will have a selection of the best quality liners online.You can check online and shop for supplies and even get a discount if you are lucky. If you are quick to find poolproducts on sale, you may just get the best … Read More

Maintenance Tips For Your Pool Heaters

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When it comes to a hot summer day, nothing beats taking a dip in a relaxing pool. Whether you choose to swim laps for fitness reasons, want to just splash around with your friends, or just feel like laying back on a pool float and relaxing on top of the water, there’s no arguing that getting wet and having fun … Read More