Manitoba Home Pool Repair Company Invests In Team First Aid Training

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  NAROL, MB:  At UV Pools, a family-owned custom pool repair business located just northeast of the city of Winnipeg, the team of twelve staff has recently undergone First Aid and CPR training in preparation for the upcoming pool season.  With spring just around the corner, it’s important that UV Pools is 100% ready to dive into its seasonal work.   … Read More

Tanning Ledge: What is it

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You likely have seen it before yet might not know it by name. Tanning ledges (also referred to as tanning shelves, baja shelves, or sun shelves) are very shallow shelves in the swimming pool that usually are at least 5’ wide and 9” deep. The retractable pool covers company of UV Pools dives in a bit deeper: These shelves act … Read More

Benefits of Owning an Indoor Pool

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Having a pool at your disposal may come with an abundance of benefits – social interaction, regular exercise, as well as fun games, just to name a few. However, there’s a continuous debate, as to whether an indoor or an outdoor pool is more advantageous. The best indoor pool renovations services of UV Pools are here to explain that indoor … Read More

When Is the Best Time to Build a Swimming Pool?

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You might have fewer hassles and save more money if you install a pool in the fall season. Most pool buyers believe that if they purchase a swimming pool in the spring, they might get a great deal. And they might. But, the best pool installation deals are usually always in the fall, and not the summer or spring. Here … Read More

Should I Leave my Pool Open in Winter?

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Leaving an in-ground swimming pool open in the winter is pretty common in warmer areas, in which the climate rarely goes below 40 to 50℉. However, you can do this in colder regions, too – without or with the assistance of a pool heater. Leaving the pool open in the winter might sound appealing, yet it’ll come with a list … Read More

Keeping Bees Away from your Pool

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Having a pool in your backyard is like a water heaven to a bee. That should not be a reason you cannot have a good time in your own swimming pool because you are afraid to be stung by them. You ought to feel safe in your own backyard. Even though the bees might get annoying, UV Pools has solutions … Read More

Benefits of Having a Pool

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The benefits of owning your own pool are well-known. Whether it is above ground, inground, or semi-inground, a pool provides several hours of enjoyment directly inside your backyard. Below, we list some less heralded advantages of swimming pool ownership which you might not have considered. Fitness advantages for non-swimmers, as well You do not need to be a champion swimmer … Read More

When Do You Know It’s Time to Get A Pool Renovation?

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There isn’t anything you love more than swimming in your pool all summer; however, admit it – it is looking a bit rough this year. Is it time for a pool renovation? Read on about these 5 signs your pool may need a bit of restoration:   Fading Colors and Patterns on the Vinyl Liner   Is the color on … Read More

Surf Vs. Turf: Competitive Running and Swimming

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A surf and turf is a great supper for those of us who eat meat; the delicate flavour of lobster or other seafood paired with bold taste of steak. The combo is aesthetically appealing because it brings sea and land together on your plate, uniting the two essential elements of that make up our Planet Earth. Just as swimming and … Read More

Swimming Etiquette 101

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Etiquette is important wherever you go; upscales restaurants, driving around, the maximum of 12 items express checkout at the grocery store, you always need good etiquette so the people around you won’t be tapping their foot and sighing about how impolite you are. The pool is no exception to this rule, except that it’s a bit harder to tap your … Read More

Slippery When Wet

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When we’re on surfaces that aren’t properly gripping, we find ourselves slipping and tripping. That’s not an old saying, but it sounds like one, and it might as well be because it’s good advice. Metaphorically, it might mean “when you’re in a situation you don’t have a handle on, you may make avoidable mistakes”; literally, it means tractionless, wet surfaces … Read More