Keeping Bees Away from your Pool

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Having a pool in your backyard is like a water heaven to a bee. That should not be a reason you cannot have a good time in your own swimming pool because you are afraid to be stung by them. You ought to feel safe in your own backyard. Even though the bees might get annoying, UV Pools has solutions … Read More

Benefits of Having a Pool

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The benefits of owning your own pool are well-known. Whether it is above ground, inground, or semi-inground, a pool provides several hours of enjoyment directly inside your backyard. Below, we list some less heralded advantages of swimming pool ownership which you might not have considered. Fitness advantages for non-swimmers, as well You do not need to be a champion swimmer … Read More

When Do You Know It’s Time to Get A Pool Renovation?

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There isn’t anything you love more than swimming in your pool all summer; however, admit it – it is looking a bit rough this year. Is it time for a pool renovation? Read on about these 5 signs your pool may need a bit of restoration:   Fading Colors and Patterns on the Vinyl Liner   Is the color on … Read More

Surf Vs. Turf: Competitive Running and Swimming

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A surf and turf is a great supper for those of us who eat meat; the delicate flavour of lobster or other seafood paired with bold taste of steak. The combo is aesthetically appealing because it brings sea and land together on your plate, uniting the two essential elements of that make up our Planet Earth. Just as swimming and … Read More

Swimming Etiquette 101

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Etiquette is important wherever you go; upscales restaurants, driving around, the maximum of 12 items express checkout at the grocery store, you always need good etiquette so the people around you won’t be tapping their foot and sighing about how impolite you are. The pool is no exception to this rule, except that it’s a bit harder to tap your … Read More

Slippery When Wet

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When we’re on surfaces that aren’t properly gripping, we find ourselves slipping and tripping. That’s not an old saying, but it sounds like one, and it might as well be because it’s good advice. Metaphorically, it might mean “when you’re in a situation you don’t have a handle on, you may make avoidable mistakes”; literally, it means tractionless, wet surfaces … Read More

How Long Do You Need to Run Your Pool Filter Each Day?

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How long one has to run a pump depends upon how effective and efficient your filter is – and also water temperatures or the time of the year. An average quantity might be twelve hours for summer, and six hours for winter; however, there are several variables which are going to have an effect on how much pool filtering the … Read More

Top 9 Decisions to Make When Buying A Pool for Your Backyard

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If you’re thinking about adding a pool to your home, planning is critical. There are several aspects that must be taken into account before you take the plunge and buy a pool. You’ll have to set a budget, learn of the various kinds of pools and what is going to work better for your home, find a reputable company to … Read More

Three Pool Test Kits You Should Consider Buying

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If you want your pool-testing efficient and reliable, get the three types of pool test kits; the DPD (diethyl-p-phenylenediamine), OTO (orthotolidine) and the test strips. Each pool test kit will provide you a result for a specific type of elements. For instance, OTO will test the level of chlorine in your water, and so on. The quality of your pool … Read More

The Benefits Of Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Have you thought of buying a product or equipment that can help you easily clean swimming pool? Then learn what are the benefits of an automatic pool cleaner and why you should buy them, in this article. Pools provide a great way of leisure in our home, not needing to go out to refresh us from the heat or stresses … Read More

How Often Should I Backwash My Pool

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What does backwashing a pool do? Backwashing is a crucial method in maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in a swimming pool.  Backwashing includes a comprehensive process in cleaning the filter of the swimming pool by changing the water’s flow to get rid of certain contaminants. Backwashing does not require you to do the job manually.  The process is simple and practical … Read More

The How’s & Why’s of Pool Leak Detection

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The swimming pool is a chic part of your house that redefines your sanctuary’s beauty and functionality. Most of the time, it is a relaxing space that nourishes your yearning of rejuvenation, peace of mind and bonding with your loved ones. While a pool hosts intimate and big gatherings in your home bear in mind that pools need repairs. Renovations … Read More