Rubaroc Best Materials for A Pool Patio?

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The invention of a material referred to as rubber brought on several changes in the daily activities of modern-day man. No longer were shoes painful to walk in, car steering wheels unforgiving and cold, or tires chipping away inside chunks of rock on the roadside. In addition, rubber brought endless joys to kids in the form of balloons, toys, and squeaking oversized noses (all items parents wish remained without invention, I am sure). It was literally bouncing around everywhere! However, there was one puzzle that this magical material couldn’t solve, and that was being an excellent contributor to exterior living spaces. That is, until Rubaroc arrived.

A fairly new player in the realm of exterior living, Rubaroc’s reputation and products have been in existence almost 30 years. Featured in multiple publications (55 Plus Magazine and Pool and Spa Marketing, just to name a few), this innovative substance blends the rigidity of rock with the flexibility and forgiveness of rubber, and creates the perfect safety surface for both commercial and residential spaces. Comprised of a calculated mix of resin and rubber granules, Rubaroc originally was created as a slip-free safety surface for decks of pools, with the aim to keep kid’s safety in mind. At the time, many poolside surfaces were designed of paver bricks, poured concrete, or sizable landscape stones…not the most family-friendly environment.

There was something about the formula of children in addition to massive quantities of wet rocks underfoot did not seem to add up as far as safety is concerned; therefore, the good people at Rubaroc came up with a great idea: a product which provides all of the benefits of stone, yet in addition also could include safety safeguards, as well as peace of mind against slips and falls.

Its application is both short and simple, with most projects having the ability to be finished in one day or less. A mix is made on-site, and then is affixed to the surface of choice with a process that is similar to concrete installation. It may be applied on the majority of outside surfaces, and once it’s dry, the results are a secure and firm walking surface that’s both safety conscience and comfortable to walk on. In addition, Rubaroc is UV resistant, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. Plus, if those benefits are not enough, the material also is crack-resistant, and easily can stand up to scraping and dragging, like with a broom, rake or snow shovel.

Available in various color schemes, it’s possible to even get logos, designs, and patterns customized into your project! It’s an appealing choice for both commercial and residential clients, as the individual touch goes a long way in establishing individuality, assisting your project in standing out amongst the crowd. It’s possible to use Rubaroc to form a reliable and safe playing surface beneath your youngster’s swing set, or to resurface those divots and cracks in your concrete tennis court. Plus, if you operate a business, its commercial applications are countless.

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