Tips to keep your pool water crisp and clear

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Through proper attention and care your pool water can be crisp, clear and healthy. When you apply useful tips and use the correct products, your neighbors and friends will always be envious of your sparkling clean pool water. Regular maintenance is the key to a clean pool and crisp clear water. Following a strict maintenance routine will prevent the accumulation … Read More

How To Choose a Winter Pool Cover

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As the cold weather rolls in and the swimsuits and sunscreen are replaced by parkas and scarves, it sadly becomes time to break out your winter pool covers in Canada. Winters can be brutal, and can cause serious damage to your pool if not closed properly. If you’ve done your homework, you know that the final step in closing your … Read More

Common Pool Liner Issues and Prevention

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Lumps under your pool liner are an indicator that something has shifted. Here in Manitoba, our winters make having a concrete pool very difficult. Hydraulic clay, silt, along with saturated soils makes frost heaving a force of Mother Nature. This is why vinyl lined pools are so popular in Winnipeg and Manitoba. Ground movement and shifting that would cause a … Read More